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      I am like 6-8 weeks late on my cycle, and i think that i am some what pregnant but i really just don’t have no clue i have been on the internet looking for some symptoms and most of them i have but i am not really for sure its close to the end of January and i am still waiting to see what is going to happen i am trying to decide when to take a pregnacy test i don’t want to take it to soon or to late what should i do? :sick:


        If you are 6 to 8 weeks then take a test. Most HPTs are sensitive enough to take from the day your period is due and sometimes even before so you should definitely test without delay. If you are pregnant you could be as much as 10-12 weeks along depending on when your period actually started.


          Hey, I hear you on all over that. I think I’m pregnant as well, and am carrying many of the signs. And I took a pregnancy test but i think I took it too early. I would wait it out until you know a good 6 to 8 weeks as gone by. With the support of your husband or boyfriend, I would take the test when you both are ready. Unfortuanately, I am very religious and made one mistake and am not married, but am very thankful to have the support of my boyfriend. But I do know that if you think your pregnant, start taking care of yourself ASAP! Good luck with everything


            If you are it should show on a home test about the same time you miss your period, the only for sure way to know is to take a test it is never to late but if you are already 6-8 weeks late for your cycle it should show up on a test


              hi, i think u should just take a test now, if your that late then it wouldnt be too early, if you still think it is, try a first response one, they an detect up to 4 days before ur missd period, goo luck xxx

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