Am i crazy or is this normal??? please help

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      guys i need help i know im pregnant ive never felt this way before but my main concearn is that i am an emotional wreck all i do is cry and i cant sleep at night. im not even sure what im crying about but i feel like im going insane i just need some advice am i crazy or is this sort of hysteria normal???
      xxx Erin 🙁


        Hey Erin

        first of all congrats on ur pregnancy!

        yes this is fairly normal as ur body is goin through crazy hormonal changes now that ur pregnant, its nothing to worry about but feel free to talk to a doc if u are worried about it, thats wat they are there for, it gets better after the first trimester or so



          hey honey, its all normal when i was preganant with my first i had a really bad patch when i was about 5 months gone i couldnt stop crying i couldnt eat i couldnt sleep i was just a wreck. but itsoon sorted it self out and i enjoyed the rest of my pregnancy! if you are worried then talk to your doctor or midwife, they are there to help. they might even tell you something that could help with your problems.chin up gal tc x


            Congratulations!! When I got pregnant with my son I had no idea until I got upset at my husband over standing too close to me. That day I decided to take a hpt and it was positive. Just try to remember (although your body has a lot of hormones and you’ll be more emotional) not to let your emotions totally take control. You will probably start to level out a little more in your second trimester. I had a really tough pregnancy so if you have any questions just let me know…Christyrose


              Hey Erin,
              dont u worry abt it coz most of us have been thru that and mo. Am 5mnths gone and it was really tough in ma 1st trimester.I still feel emotional at times but am much beta now..just try to relax and be in control.All the best!


                Congratulations! 🙂

                Ah I remember those days. I would start tearing up and get all down and some one would ask me “what’s wrong?” and of course… my reply, “I don’t know!” It was very, very frustrating to say the least. But it’s all very normal and most, if not all, people turn out this way. Just your body’s reaction to the new changes and it’s doing a lot of work these 9 months!

                Good luck!

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