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      I am 1 week late, no signs of period, I do not know if its in my mind or not, but I feel a twinge in my lower abdomen, I feel like it could be my period, but it is still not here. I did an early pregnancy test and it was negative and I also did one two days after my period was due.. again negative. still no period, for the last 3-4 months I have been bang on time with my periods, never late.

      Is there a chance I could be pregnant, or are the tests alwasy 100% correct. I used clear blue digital, when I did look at the lines, I could see two , but one of them was very very faint.

      No tenderness of the breasts, and I was sick yesterday afternoon,, I am so confused… :unsure:



        Most home pregnancy tests are fairly accurate, but I don’t know if any of them are 100% accurate, especially if taken too early to detect sufficient levels of the HCG hormone to trip off a positive response. I took a regular test and have never used a digital test. With normal tests two lines, even if one is faint usually indicate a positive test. Read the instructions on the digital to see if this is true for the brand. My periods were very irregular, so a few days late wouldn’t be unusual for me. If you haven’t started in another week or two I would take another home pregnancy test. (I wouldn’t reccommend ept, becuase I had two broken tests when I tested).



          Hmmm, have you been stressing yourself out over maybe being pregnant?! that might be whats happening, you can stress yourself out so much that you could miss a lot of periods!

          maybe you should see a doctor just in case and be safe.


            Girl! You sound like me!! I was suppose to have my period on the 18th. I have taken 5 tests!! They were all negative. I’ve not been stressed or anything lately and my periods are ALWAYS on time. I mean, I can predict the exact day every month. I always have a 28 day cycle. I just don’t understand whats up!! Let me know what happens with u!!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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