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      Hey im charlene im 16 and i think i might be pregnant i was on the pill but i kept forgeting to take it and i just stopped taking it over a month ago while having unprotected sex and i cant remember the date of my last period but its now getting 2wards the end of the month and i havnt yet had a period the last time i bled was a withdrawel bleed from the pill so could i be pregnant or could coming off the pill have caused me to miss a period?


        You could be pregnant. My sister was on the pill and forgot just one day and she fell pregnant. Are you sure the bleeding was with draw from the pill? because it could have been implantation bleeding. You should really go get tested.


          The best way to tell is to either go to the doctors or take a test. Its a 50 50 chance. My roommate didn’t take her birth control for 2 days and now she is preggy. I’ve also heard that birth control messes your periods. When my other friend went off the pill, she didn’t have her periods for a couple months. Depends on your body I guess. keep us updated


            Thank you for replying!
            just to let you know i went to the docs
            and im pregnant and soo excited!


              I have a question for everybody, when you
              bleed from implantation is it alot?




                  congrat girl… how far along did they say you were?


                    congrats on the pregnancy!

                  Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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