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      hi first time posting just joined up

      i would like some advice please i dont know where to start my periods are only a day late.

      but i feel hungry all the time dont feel sick or anything like that my chest is really sore and they feel very heavy also feel hot and cold alot.

      i dont know what to think i have 3 kids already but had diffrent symptons with them all.

      been feeling hungry for the past week and my breast have been sore for that time too dont feel bloated like u do when ur periods are due or any cramp like u normall get.

      would love some advice tks


        if your period is late… then take a test…. that is really the only way that you will know… and if you go to your doctor and ask him he/she can give you a test and it will be more accurate… that way you know for sure…
        and if it makes you feel better…. i had the same feeling..and i am 13 weeks preggie… :cheer:
        i hope this helps… and please post again when you find out…


          hi tks

          did 2 test they were negitive but they were werid ones had to use a cup then put a stick in dont know if i havent done it right i will wait another few days and c what happens if not ill go to the doctors and get it done right.

          im only 2 days late but i dont know what to think maybe my peiods will come but its the heaveness i have in my breast that dosnt mormall happen

          ill let u knows what happens

          tks for ur replys.


            I would take a test if I were you. At least you would feel better after you took it. Or you should just go to the doctors to get a test done. You sound pregnant to me. I had all those symptoms 4 dpo. If I were you I would start taking more care of my body just in case you are pregnant. Congradulations if you are!


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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