am i?

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      I have regular periods. I usually get them on the 6th-9th day of every month, It is not the 14th and i still havent gotten my period the last time i had sex was like 3 weeks ago. I have been very moody and My boobs have been VERY sore. Am i pregnant probably?


        well your best idea is to take a test and if its negative go to a doctor to have a blood test taken. good luck


          hey girl, well are you like stressing out about it because i thought that i was pregnant once and i felt the exact same thing. my perios was late because i was stressing out about it. You could be pregnant so the best way to no is to take a test.


            Well if you are already a few days late most HPT’s will show up with a result….abstinence is the only for sure way to make sure you dont get pregnant…so ….if you end up not being pregnant this time I would really encourage you to wait untill you are married and if you are pregnant to make the same choice….if you dont start your period and you have a negative HPT tehn you should go to the doctor and get a blood test……also pregnancy recourse centers give free preg tests and they have educated counselors waitig to talk to you depending on the results…let us know what happens….Meg

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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