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      :dry: I don’t know what’s going on with me. I usually have a pretty regular cycle…but I completely missed February. It started on March 1 but only lasted for 2 days. Then I’ve been so exhausted lately. And one time I was at work and I had a bad headache. My boss gave me a can of soup and it made me sick. I normally like chicken noodle, but this time the smell of it didn’t even sit right with my stomach. I ended up going to the bathroom at work and throwing up. Then, I went to class that night and was hot, uncomfortable, and nauseated. I left class early and once I got outside with the fresh air, I felt better. My lower stomach is getting a little bloated. Maybe I’m just gaining weight or getting fat for no reason though. I don’t know. And I cry at the simplest things now. I’ve taken 3 preg tests and all were negative. I am supposed to go to get my blood drawn today or tomorrow. Does it sound like I am preg? Or is it just in my head? Thanks for your support.






          You should deff. have a blood test… i had 2 negatives .. and it wasnt until 2 weeks later that a clear positive came up .. ive had some of those symptoms .. but they only way to know for sure is taking a blood test.Congrats if you are.. Good luck!!


            I agree it sure sounds like your preg so let us know how your blood work comes back 🙂


              Okay…so I’m pretty upset right now. As you can see from my first post, I’ve been having these wierd symptoms…and now I just keep gaining weight my stomach and chest is getting bigger and I’m getting a pudgy face. So I called my GYN to try to make an appointment and they wouldn’t see me because it’s not time for my annual checkup yet. So they told me I could come and pick up a labslip and go to labcorp to get my blood drawn. So I went in on Friday of last week to pick up my slip and get my blood drawn. They ordered it STAT since Labcorp takes forever. Anyways, they told me that I had to draw my blood 3 times (once every other day for 6 days — has anyone ever had to do this)…and the doctor’s office said to call in on Monday and check the results. So okay, monday rolls by and I call. They told me they didn’t get it in and that they would call me with the results. Then, I got my blood drawn again on Monday. Tuesday comes…no one called me. Wednesday, I got my blood drawn again and emailed my doc to have her have someone call me with the results when they come in. They told me that if the 1st test was definitely positive then I wouldn’t have to keep getting my blood drawn. Then on Thursday I still hadn’t heard anything…so I called again and they told me that my HCG was in but they didn’t my Progesterone in yet. And I’m like soooo you can’t tell me yes or no yet?? They told me no, and that the doctor has to get the Progesterone in and analyze it. Now, please correct me if I’m wrong, but the only way for you to have HCG present in your blood is to be pregnant or on Clomid or some type of fertility drug. Right? So if I had no HCG why couldn’t they just tell me no at that time. So I’m wondering if there was HCG and she needs to analyze the level of that and compare it with the progesterone levels once they come in? I’m so confused and stressed out. It’s been a whole week! ERRR has anyone else had to go through this. I thought that blood pregnancy tests only take 24 hours to get the results. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.



                🙁 This really sucks….yesterday I called again for my blood test results and they told me that they could tell me what my levels were but not tell me what it all means. So you know that meant that I had to go around on the internet looking for answers. They told me my HCG was less than 2 and Progesterone was 0.7. But they didn’t tell me anything else. So I was looking it up on the computer and it said that I could have 1. Miscarried (probably back in March when I thought I was having a period) 2. an Ectopic Pregnancy 3. an abnormal baby (abnormal chromosomes and it probably wouldn’t live. 4. Not Pregnant at all. Being that I’m still late the whole not pregnant at all thing didn’t fly with me…so I got all upset and left work early crying, upset at the possibility of being pregnant and something is wrong with the baby. So I spent al night in the ER. And a it turns out, I’m not pregnant and I have fibroids. I was upset that I wasn’t pregnant, but relieved that it wasn’t ectopic, abnormal, or already dead. And worst of all, my doctor’s office had the receptionist call me and tell me that my pregnancy test was negative. THEY COULD HAVE TOLD ME THAT YESTERDAY! I should sue for pain and suffering. 🙁 Anyways, I guess I’m not pregnant but for some reason, I’m still late! —Depressed now


                  Hey I am really sorry that you are getting the runaround from your doctor!!! I hope that your body will get back to normal soon so that you will have answers and that you wont be so misserable…have you thought about going to a different doctor??? I wouldnt sue them just for pain and suffering…you know that people suing for that is one reason why medical expenses are so high!!!! If a doctor causes damage to your body and it causes a permanent issue and causes you to miss work or to be un-employable then I believe it is a justified reason to persue restitution but please just show meekness and choose to walk away from there improfessional ways of doing things and find a new doctor who will give you the courtessy you deserve and the answers you are looking for!!! Hope that helps…Meg

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