am i?

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      i just took a pregnancy test as ive been bad at recording my dates lately and was sure i was quite late. it came out with 2 lines :ohmy:

      im going to buy another soon to double check, but what do i do now? book with a doctor? will they give me another test?

      i dont know what happens now?

      gina lynn

        go to the ob gyn. they will do another test just to be sure, and if you are in fact pregnant they will provide the healthcare you need and put you on prenatal vitamins, and then you will have to go back for a check up every month until the baby’s born, in the mean time they will do blood tests and other kinds of test to check on you and the baby and be sure you are both healthy. good luck.

        gina lynn


          now you need to call a dr and make an appt…and yes they will test you at the drs office they have to make sure your 100% pregnant before they can do anything as far as check ups and stuff go..I’m preg with my 2nd baby and I’m 21..i have a 18 mos old daughter and am due to give birth to my son any time now..good luck and keep me updated…feel free to email anytime!


            you most likely are. make an appointment though to make sure. they can then check you to make sure it is a healthy begining. till then just take good care of yuoself


              It certainly sounds like you could be pregnant if there were 2 lines present on the test, if I was in your position I would wait a couple of days and do another test if it was positive I would then make an appointment with the doc, but how are you feeling with-in yourself?? have you got any symptoms? plently of women would make a visit to the doc after one positive test it’s entirely up to you!
              The doc will do their own pregnancy test to confirm your findings and predict a due date on the details you give him/her then depending on how far gone you are they may make an appointment for a scan!
              Very exciting!! Good luck and congratulations!


                Well first of all if you are congrats…

                If your second test comes out positive then you need to find an OB/GYN doctor
                and schedule an appointment with them. On Your first apt. they will do another pregnancy test to verify your results and will either see you for your first baby doctor visit right then or tell you to come back for that.
                If you have any more questions drop me a line and hey take it easy just settle into being pregnant and take care of yourself



                  I would save your money and book a doctors appointment. they will confirm that you are more then likely pregnant.

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