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      im trucey
      this is my story:
      6 weeks ago i had my 14th birthday, me and my mates went out to a disco that night. wen the disco had finished we all went our separet ways home apart from me and my best mate andrew. andrew came back to my house and he ended up staying the night. that night we slept together. i didnt realise that it was the day my next egg was relised and so me and andrew add unprotected sex! i took a home pt and it sed possative, but 1 of my mates took 1 once and it sed neggative and now she has a butieful daughter. is all im asking is that, does it really meean im pregnant just because it sed possitive? well i hope sum1 can help!
      luv trucy


        sorry to tell you this but 9 times out of ten when a test comes up positive it is usually correct, the best way to find out for sure is to go to get a blood test. anyway take another test and if it comes up positive then you need to schedule a dr. apt. Good luck


          You are most likely pregnant, home pregnancy test are about 99% accurate. Your friend that has the daughter most likely took the test too soon and thats why it showed up negative. So you need to tell your mom that you are pregnant and go see a doctor to find out how far along you are and such. I know it will be difficult, but we are all here to support you at this website, so let us know how you are doing.
          With much Love,


            ok here’s the thing. when i pregnancy test positive, 99.999999999% right. most of the time when a pregnancy test is wrong is when it says negative.
            So i would say that you are pregnant. go to the doctor to find out fo sure!

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