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      I don’t know if I am pregnant or not, Its not like my boyfriend and I were trying to prevent it or anything. My period usually comes like clockwork, if not right on time like a couple of days before the due time or a few days after, which that isnt usually always
      April it was the 6th
      May it was 8th
      and he it is June 20th and still nothing
      The only signs I have had are that my boobs are a little sore (like how they get sometimes with my period) I have been getting cramping below my stomac for the last several days or so, my back is hurting a little (off and on), I don’t know about nausea because I get that sometimes anyway, but I have not been vomitting. Saturday (17th) I told myself that if I havent started by Monday (19th) that I was going to get a HPT and take early tuesday morning.. but I couldnt do it
      I havent been able to sleep good the past several night because I havent been comfortable or anything
      And I dont have alot of stress in my life or job.

      Oh but last month I did go to the doctor because of a sinus infection and she put me on Zyrect and Amoxicillin and the like a week later I burnt my arm at work and She had to put me on another med called Darvocet….could any of the postpone my period? or COULD I be pregnant?



        I havent taken any medications since about 2 weeks after my last period (which was may 8th) it was only a 2 week supply, so the only thing I have been taking is Vitimans.
        And if I am pregnant. I will be keeping it, no doubt about that
        I still havent taken an HPT..yet

        What kind of early symptoms did you have?

        I havent talked to anyone yet.. NOBODY!

        please reply


          🙂 Im really glad that you have been taking vitamins… i didnt know how important they really were until i went a few days ago and talked with my doctor about how the baby could have birth defects and things like that. I wasnt sure about your opinion on keeping the baby or not so i didnt want to offend you. i dont throw up or anything like that, i did once, but only in a REALLY stressful weekend when 2 of my friends were killed in a car wreck. That was the ONLY time i have even come close to throwing up. It still seemed sureal to me that i am pregnant, i kept thinking that maybe everything/everybody who had said i was… was wrong… but then at the doctors last tuesday, i heard the heartbeat, and EVERYTHING just changed… im so happy about the baby, and its healthy. Im sure there are places you can go around you that you could get help without telling your parents… or have you yet? I told my dad the first day i found out, thought he was going to kick me out and disown me (wat he always said he would do) but he didnt … hes not happy AT ALL and i doubt that he will ever fully be OK with my and Chris (baby’s dad) having a baby when im only going to be 17. Chris however, is 19, he’ll be 20 when i have the baby, but weve been together for a VERY LONG time… and i think we’ll be ok. But back to your ? about my symptoms… i never spotted or bled… after i got pregnant i never had a period either… not even a "light" period where they say the egg is implanting… nothing. But i did experience what i would call "bubbles" B) it sounded funny to Chris too, but about a week after ‘it’ happened that night, i could feel "bubbles" or so it seemed just going CRAZY in my stumach. I dont get it anymore… my stumach tensed up after a while… I was scared out of my mind before i took that pregnancy test… OH! I forgot about something i did right before i took it… ok… whenever you ovulate, your body temp. rises…. well if you’re pregnant, ur temp. will stay SLIGHTLY elevated the whole time you’re pregnant… mine stays at about 98.8 or 98.9 or somewhere in there. So if u want to have a SMALL hint that you may/may not be pregnant… take ur temperature… if its slightly higher than 98.6…. u very much are pregnant…(more than likely) but still go take a test. I crave all kinds of food… not really weird foods… just a diverse selection… i never used to eat fried onions… well now i do… :side: and i used to LOVE japanese food… it was a MUST on my weekly menu of dinner… but NOT AT ALL now… i dont even like the smell of fried chicken anymore… it makes me so sick… but if u can, try the temperature thing… tell me how that goes… and keep me posted on the situation… ill try to get on everyday…



            Like I was telling you earlier this week or whichever about friday how I kind of spotted. Well I got the nerve up to tell my boyfriend that same day (before the blood came) that I was over 2 weeks late for my period and that it wasnt normal, he didnt really say much. And then when I told him nevermind about it because I had thought that I started. Well I kept complaning thoughout the few days after that about my stomach hurting and not feeling well, and then I told him that I never did start my period that it was a false alarm for now. He told me to go to the clinic to get a test done and all that. And then I asked him if her would go buy a HPT for me, he kind of acted weird about it…I’m just gonna have to go myself.

            I havent talked to my parents about it ( cause I dont even know if I am or not) But when I do go buy a test and then go get it confirmed they will be one of the firsts to know! I don’t know how they would act about it, but its not like they could say or do much, I’ll be 21 if they really wanted to be mean and try to kick me out or something my boyfriend and I would just find an apartment no problem with that I take care and buy everything for myself as it is. But that isnt how i want it to go ( if i am) I just hope that everyone would be suportive.

            I am sorry to hear that you dad isnt very happy about you being pregnant. I am sure he will come around, it seems like when I hear about young girls having babys how they all say at first their parents were so upset about it then when the baby is born they come around and are just as excited.
            And its good to hear that you and the daddy are together dont/didnt talk to the father even when they were pregnant. Its good you have one of the suportive ones!
            I dont know how it would be if I were your age lol At 17 I wasnt thinking about having a baby I was more worried about passing my classes and all that for graduation, hanging with my friend until whatever time I wanted to come home, or spending my money I earned for Mcdonalds to buy WHATEVER I wanted.
            I look up to the girls that chose to be mommies at such a young age, some doing in all on their own with hardly any support, and some that have their families. SO I wish the best to you and Chris with rasing your child!

            The symptoms I have been having like before
            I feel sick ,like how when you think your going to puke cause your mouth starts watering but never puke, thats atleast know when or if Im going to get sick, nauseated like I ate something that didnt agree with me. I havent had any stomac cramps in maybe the last few days, OH and my skin has been driving me crazy I am itchy ALL THE TIME ( like my stomac and bb) its like it never stops!

            I’m not having any weird cravings or anything I mean I could really tell if I was cause I am really picky at what I eat. I hardly like anything.

            Yeah, I know about when you temp high you ovulate.Well I temped myself several times today my temp is running anywhere from 99.0-99.2 the highest of 99.3!

            Well, I’ll keep you posted


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