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      I was hoping someone could give me a little insight on my situation. I am 37 and a half weeks pregnant. The father of the child left me when I was 4-months pregnant. I’ve only heard his voice twice on the phone since then. He called me out of the blue a little over 2 weeks ago and gave me a number to reach him at when I have the baby. I feel like some type of baby machine or something, because he doesn’t seem to care about me at all. Here’s the icing on the cake: he almost died 2 days ago. (He got stabbed in the heart.) (How ironic.) His sister called me tonight and told me that he was in the hospital and wanted me to call him. I called him. He wants me to come to the hospital and see him. He said that he’s supposed to be in the hospital for 6 weeks. That means that he won’t be at the hospital with me when I have the baby. (He’s at a different hospital.) My mother said don’t have anything to do with him. (She’s not the best person to give advice, though.alcoholic.) My heart is crying. Should I go see him? He’s at a hospital about 60 miles away. He hasn’t helped me with anything since he left. He didn’t treat me good before he left. What should I do? How should I feel about him?


        I would say go see him,before you have your baby.You know your heart if you still love go see him maybe he has changed his way of thinking since his incident.Maybe this will give you two a chance to talk things through.I know he treated very bad and left you through your pregnancy,but things happen for a reason.Just try not to be too emotional unless he is emotional first when you do see him.


          I’m so sorry about your situation. I think that maybe you should try to see him. Sometimes, life threatening situations, can make people realize how precious life, love, and compassion are. I would give him one last chance, and then make your decision based on what you truely believe in your heart to be best for the baby, and yourself. You have an innocent, and perfect baby growing inside you, just listen to that little voice inside you, and to your heart, and you will find the right answer for you. Good luck, and god bless.

          Michelle M.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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