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      Ok…so I’m pretty sure that everyone is tired of reading these "am i pregnant?" threads but I guess that’s what everyone is here for. Well here it goes…my LMP was November 15th & my cycle length is usually 38 days (+/- a day ). My period was due December 23rd which would make me 5 days late. I experienced some spotting on the 22nd & early this morning that only lasted a few minutes. Usually if I was about to come on my period, I would start cramping but that has not been the case this month. In addition to the spotting, my breasts have been itching, sometimes I’ll have headaches & I’ve been sleeping a lot for the past 2 weeks. I’ve been so tired that I’ve called out of work twice in those 2 weeks. I’m 20 & I’m almost finished with school so usually I would be happy in this situation but my potential "babydaddy" just went to jail on December 12th & we’re not sure how much time he is facing–it shouldn’t be too long but I feel lonely right now because I feel like I have to deal with this myself. Anyway…my question is, could i possibly be pregnant?

      MR. TORRE

        hey, i havent been pregnant ever but in my opinion i
        think theres a good chance that you might be just
        because u had spotting on the 22nd then it went away
        so you might wunt to buy a home pregnancy test just
        to be sure…goodluck with everything…

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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