All in the Mind syndrome?

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      just an pressumption to all of the ladies who’ve had sex and fear pregnancy.

      is that like a mind game to the point your body starts to act on what you assume ( got pregnant )

      you know, you want to educate yourself about the pregnancy symptoms and stuff but the minute you read about something that could be a symptom and you are feeling that symptom you assume that you are pregnant.

      then you tend to stress over it and freak out ( maybe want to choke the guy who had sex with you ( my boyfriend 👿 maybe) i think sometimes its all in your mind. its either telling us two things. STOP HAVING SEX AT AN IRRESPONSIBLE AGE. or GO GET PROTECTION! DON’T TRUST CONDOMS ALONE! condoms breaks or get stuck in you. i know these things!

      but it is healthy to check up on yourselves, play it smart ladies.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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