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      i have recently found out that i am 8 weeks pregnant…i took a test about 2 weeks ago and it came up positive….(seeing my periods are always never ever on time i was not too worried)
      i decided that i was not ready and neither was my boyfriend so i was going to have an abortion…we both live with his parents.. so i told his mom and dad and she made an appointment with a gynocologist to see how far i am…
      my ultrasound showed 8 weeks..and he gave me my ultrasound picture even after i told him my plans to terminate the pregnancy….after coming home and being emotional i showed my bf and he decided that we are going t keep the baby…and we told his parents and they are sooooooooo happy….i asked why didmybfs mom didnot say anything b4 and she replied..it was our decision and she would stand by us no matter what..and his dad is more than happy….

      so now my question is..since i found out so late and i had been partying and drinking(alot) b4 i found out…..do i call the gyno and get an appointment for my baby..or is it too late…i mean i read about prnatal pills and stuff and i havent gotten any…..i hope i have not done too much damage to my child…….seeing i found out really late …..:blink:


        Hi Laura! I just wanted to say that I am 23. I didn’t have my first doctors appt. until I was 8 weeks pregnant. I was about 5 weeks when I found out and in the first 4 weeks being summer and all I was doing a bit of drinking. But apparently this will have no affect on the baby. I’m sure everything will be fine. And when it comes to vitamins, I just started taking them at 8 weeks when my doctor suggested Centrum Materna. They have all the essential nutrients you will need (ontop of healthy eating of course) including Folic Acid.Start taking them right away. Good Luck with everything!! 🙂


          i was 6weeks along when i found out i was pregnant

          i was drinking and taking illlegal drugs at the time and i did not know i was pregnant.

          i didnt keep my baby but the nurse that took my ultrasound told me that my baby would’ve been healthy if i kept it so your baby should be fine.

          good luck xxxx


            I am sorry that you didn’t keep your baby. May I ask why you decided to have an abortion after finding out that the baby would’ve been ok. (After you drank and did drugs…)… I hope that you’re doing well…

            Take Care,
            Nicki :dry:


              hey girl i am 17 and i have a very healthy 6 week old daughter. i didnt go to the doctor for the first time until i was almost 5 months preg. i wasnt on prenatal vitamins.. and before i knew i was preg. i drank some too. i do encourage you to go back to the doc and get some vitamins. also the doc can monitor you and your baby to make sure that things go well throughout your preg. and you want to start doing that as early as possible, also i am so excited that you and your boyfriend decided to keep the baby. that was a very hard decision to make but believe me it will be all worth it. i am also glad to hear that his mom is being very supportive. that will be very helpful i know! i was so scared to tell my mom but when she found out she was a little upset at first.. not mad but sad because i was still her baby.. but the pregnancy brought us closer together.. and now she loves her soo much. i hope everything works out for you and if u ever have any questions or just need to talk.. come to me ok girl.


                im in a really similar situation as i found out at 5 weeks pregnant and am a real party girl so had been drinking a lot at weekends and was also a heavy smoker,im scared that ive harmed my baby but at the end of the day i didnt know so i cant feel guilty and i just pray my bubba will be healthy,its in gods hands now.be as healthy as you can from now on!thats what im doing!hope to talk soon!gemma

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