ahhh so scared

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      i am 17 and preggo with 3!!!!!!!


        :ohmy: :woohoo: CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! You mean to say you are expecting TRIPLETS???? Wow!! That is amazing….i think I would also be scared to death! But at least u only go through pregnancy once.


          Well, congradulations!!! I hope you are going to keep your babies, it’s a miracle to get so many at one time! : ) Good luck and I hope everything goes well!


            Do you have family to support you? Congrats and enjoy the rest of the pregnancy.
            I hope all stays healthy for you.


              yes my mom iis so happy for me… a little diaspointed that iv already had sex but she got over it. oh ya and there all girls


                OH boys or girls, I would be scares too!!!!! but it sounds like you were ment to be pregnant. I had my first pregnancy at seventeen and had my daughter at eighteen and it was the best think that ever happen to me. Ya I was a single mom for a while and it was only one baby. But motherhood is the best!!! If you ever need to talk …

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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