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    sophia roses mummy

      Hello everyone! long time no speak to most of you hope everyone is really well! i need some advice… :/ had a massive argument with ollie last night because his ex gf text me saying her and ollie slept together at emilys 19th party i didn’t go because i was at my mums house but ollie went and didn’t come back home untill sat evening which was the next day. (this was last weekend) . so yeah now i just feel rubish and i don’t know what to believe any more at all. :'( i love him to bits and i do trust him just he couldn’t look me in the eye and say nothing happened he just said he was drunk and doesn’t remember it. Sophia is doing great just shes walking and running away all the time! need eyes in the back of my head! xx


        from my experience only! my EX man can always look me in the eye except when hes lying. if this is how it is with ollie i would say actions speak louder than words and he cheated. if this is the case, i would say give him a choice, stay with you because hes in love with you or hit the road. but no woman, nor man for that matter, deserves to be cheated on. sorry i couldnt be of more help and wish you luck!

        sophia roses mummy

          Hello πŸ™‚
          me and ollie broke up on the 4th jan 2011 but we got back together properly this morning (8th jan 2011) he did kiss the girl in question but nothing more. i love him with all my heart and i don’t want to loose him but if it happens again it’s over. so we’re giving it another shot as i want it to be how we used to be it does need work to get things back on track but i am pretty sure we will pull through this πŸ™‚
          thank you for the advice though hunny! πŸ™‚ xx


            hey there,

            In “my own experience”, a man will tell you what you want to hear in order to avoid conflict or dealing with an issue. This would be a big issue, sooo, yes he could be lying or not.

            My advice? Decide now to forgive him if you intend on staying with him. You may never know for sure, so you need to forgive. AND ..ask him to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Just for your own peace of mind and protection.

            Have you asked this girl any details about the alleged “sleep-over”? She may be able to provide details that back up her claim or if she is pressed for more info and can’t provide it, she may come out as a liar. I would ask though.

            Good luck,

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