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      Well latley i’ve been dealing with alot of critisisum from people… my son is almost two.. and i’ve never had so much citrisisum my whole life.. i mean even when i was 14 and pregnant… no one said anything to me really taht bothered me.. and now… its horriable.. when i had my son, in the hospital the nurses would come in and just talk to me about how amazed they were with me, cause i was such a great mother, better then some 30 year old son never staied in the nursery.. i didnt need people help.. they just thought that was amazing.. now almost two years later, im getting put down, saying that my son miss behaves because im a young mother and i dont know what im doing..
      but the thing is, my sons father has ADHD and BI POLAR.. and Sleep disorders.. and my son has all the symptoms of all those.. i do my best to disipline him but its hard when my baby sitter lets him walk all over doing whatever he wants.. they dont punish him.. i mean what am i supost to do? its really hard to go places cause the way i deal with my son makes people say rude, condicending things to me. like at the park if my son acts up, ill smack his butt or if he just wants to run off, ill pick him up kicking and screaming and move him.. and people act like thats some horriable thing.. i mean i dont know… i dont see how thats my fault because of my age…


        don’t let the crap talk of others get u down..u are doing the best u can when u have problems with ur little boy, he seems to me to be at that stage in his life that is difficult without him maybe being ADHD and bipolar….so when people say bad things either ignore them or tell them he’s ur child and ur going to raise him the way u want to and they don’t know u so they can’t crap on how ur doing………


          hey i mite b pregnant but not yet a mother myself but my sister has a boy who is nearly 2.we thought that he mite hav add but he dont and it doesnt run in either sisters boy plays up alot,he loves to hit n pull hair and run around and bite ect: its just how alot of lil boys r thats y dey say the terrible 2’s..i no it wud b hard wen u got ppl sayin crap behind ur bak cos ive had my nefu n neices wit mi at times and looked at funny as if im d mum n im only 17 but jus try not takin notice of it.u sound like r great mum so dnt worry.who cares if u giv ur lil boy r tap on d bum at least u dnt let him run r muck..u r raising ur child great thats all that matters…daniella


            i think by the way youv said you handle your kid you do a good job! people are just ageist, were either too young to be something or too old to be.
            Ignore the looks and the remarks, i get nasty comments because im pregnant and im 18.
            People judge and critisize because it makes them feel better about themselves. No one in a perfect parent no matter what their age.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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