AF due last Thursday…Only VERY light spotting??

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      AF was due last Thursday 3.24 and did not show until Saturday a.m. or so I thought. There was pink on the TP so I thought I started. Since then I have only had VERY light pink/brown on the TP after I go to the bathroom – not even enough for a pad/tampon. My periods are very heavy and regular 28-day cycle and I have never had this before. Any PG ladies experience this before finding out they were PG? I have taken to tests and they are negative??? Could something be wrong?


        hey you may wanna take a pregnancy test cuz most women that are pregnant start spotting out blood, kinda like you.


          i’m actually going through the same thing right now. I’m not sure if i’m pg. but i only lightly bled for a couple days and then spotted for a couple days n jan. then i didnt have it in feb. or march. including a urine test at the doctor i’ve taken 4 test and they’ve all been neg. but i have this feelin’. i’d go to the doc. and have a test done there if it’s neg. & u still don’t start i’d have them do a blood test. this same thing happened to my aunt she was pg. and took urine test after test at the doc. but they all showed up neg. & her af never came so they finally did a blood test and she was 3 months pg. i’d definetly take another test and if still neg. go to the doc. and get checked out. good luck.:)

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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