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      Hi Im almost 28 yrs old and I have been on the pill since I was 14 for bad periods. I wasn’t really sexually active till I was about 22 since then no questions but now I have been with my bf for over 4 yrs we dont use anything since we are faithfull to eachother and Im on the pill, question is this is the 2nd month I have barley had a period ( I mean little dark spotting like 1-2 days)and I just had a pap last week and wouldnt the doctor notice if I was pregnant? I asked her about the period and she said the pill may alter my period but now my 2nd period was nsupposed to start on like Mon or Tues and now its Thurs and I have BARLEY spotted once dark spot early AM nothing since I just feel silly worring about something if it is nothing, or spending m$$ on a test I just want to know how I will know when I am I know they say u will just know but not all girls get sick in the morning Any advise?


        Your doctor would have definitely noticed if you were pregnant because your cervix would have been closed and the inside of your vagina would be a blueish/purple. Maybe your eating more or less, maybe you excersise more, maybe your period is off because of stress, it happens even if you’ve been on the pill for awhile. I don’t think you are pregnant though because your doctor would have told you.


          [i]Well in my opinion, if you have had problems with your period since you were 14, and on the pill, its not very likely that you are pregnant. If you have been on the pill for such a long period of time, and taking it correctly, I don’t see how you can be pregnant. Its a possibility that those spots that you got, were in fact your period. And, the doctor would not know if you were pregnant by simply giving you a pap, during a pap, the doctor is just scraping cells from your vaginal wall to test for any abnormalities. But if you still have doubts, I recommend buying a home pregnancy test to put your mind at ease.

          Good luck.. :)[/i]


            Dear Shelly,
            One of the ways you can tell is if you get a pregnancy test from the hospital. Why sisnt you request one while you were getting your ps? But, for me one of the early signs was after I at, I would feel sick for a few minutes then I would go back to normal. Another sign is if you start peeing alot especially at night. Well, only at night.


              thats right not all girls get sick. I didn’t get sick at all. I just had this feeling. I just knew. I didn’t even need to take a test. I only did to make sure i was right. You should listen to your doctor. If she thought that you might be pregnant she would have given you a test. Although it doesn’t sound normal that you have an irregular period after being on it so long. But i’m not a doctor, so what do I know? You should just call your doctor’s office and talk to one of the nurses.


                It’s sounds like the dark spotting you’ve been having has been due to implantation. PAP tests don’t check for pregnancy, I don’t think. I can’t say if you’re pregant or not, but its a definite possibility. :huh:

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