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      Hello Everyone!
      I’m Kobi and am 15 years old, turning 16 next year.
      At the moment, i am questioning my bodily changes as to wether or not i could be pregnant.
      So if anyone has any information/analysis on the following information, i would appreciate it alot!
      My last period was 25/08/2006. I have had sex with my boyfriend more than once a day since the 02/09/2006, and each time, we haven’t used any form or protection, and he has blown inside about 80% of those times…
      If i was to be pregnant, i am aware that i would be in my 3rd week at the moment.
      So far, i have experienced, lower abdominal cramping (not heavy), headaches in which i never get, and my boobs have increased in size, my nipples/aerolas have darkened as well as me waking up with purple and blue veins!! The purple ones sort of look like stretch marks, but i dont have huge boobs naturally and i am of average weight for my height (160cm)
      If it turns out that i have fallen pregnant, i have already made my desicion to keep the baby as i have thought about it for a looong time and think i will make a great mother as well as give my child the best life possible.
      If anyone has any information or advice etc for me, please reply to this post!!
      Thank you for reading! Much appreciated
      Love Kobi xoxo:)

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        i was just you get your symtoms before you miss your period? or do you have to wait after you miss your period to feel different?

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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