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      Ok, i already have one little boy and now i think i might be pregant again.
      but im not sure because im not having the same symptoms that i had with my last baby. for example, with my last baby i was sich for 4 weeks strait i ended up going down to 92 lbs. but this time i was slightly nauseas at night but that was it. also i am having really strong food cravings where as last tme i didnt have any until my 2nd trimester. i am already almost 2 weeks late for my period, and a 2 days ago i stared spotting about once a day. what do you guys think? please reply.:(


        heya, you dont have to have the same symptoms as your last child, this pregnancy you might not be sick at all. i think the best thing is to go and get a test because it should show up wether you are or not, bt if it is negative just wait a few more days and if you still dont come on your period then take another test. please get back to me and tell me what it says. luv xbethx


          well first of all hun not every pregnancy is the pregnancy w my daughter and my son were total oposites. and now i think i may be preg again and my son is only 3 mos old and everything is the same as it was w my son so who knows. well good luck and i would also suggest testing asap..if your two wks late then i bet you are preg. good luck!


            if ur two weeks late ur preg hun…..but to make sure go do a test….


              Well just as we were all created differently each pregnancy can be diff also. Some women are like clockwork and have the same symptoms but I was diff with both of mine. I had alot of pain and fevers and medical things happen as a result of my 1st. Although she was a tubal (slipped out replanted…MIRACLE) so I guess I dont know how it would have been normally. With my second I had cravings and I felt dizzy alot but I never thought that I was preg. I found out I was preg the night before April fools day. I was going to use pregnancy as my April fool’s and decided to make sure I wasnt first. OOPS I was and no one believed me … go figure. So anyways back to you. Praise God if you are not getting sick that is misserable. Take a test and make sure and get checked out ASAP if you are spotting. Hope all is well and that you get answers soon….God Bless…Meg


                okay, so i took a prego test last week and it was negative so im going to wait a litttle while and take an other one. my spotting stopped and i am now as of the 16th of march 19 days late for my period. i would go see my doctor, but… i moved to california about 6 months ago and have yet to find one… just thought i would update you guys to my progress. my husband is freaking saying that we cant have a baby right now. he will be leaving in august to either japan or iraq for at least 6 months. right now they are saying more like 9 months. if i am prego then i will be due the beginning of november. with my last baby i pretty much raised him with out nhis dad. but my husband want to be here for this one. he still feels bad about what he did with our son. but back then i had my family close by. where this time i have no family anywhere near us and to make things worse i dont know anyone down here. of course giving the baby up is not an option. im having really mixed feeling now. at first i was overjoyed at the idea of finally having an other kid. but i really dont want to do it completely on my own. sorry this was so long….


                  Sounds like ur pregnant, bu like i always say u cant go right by what we say, u need to take a test to be sure xxxx

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