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      ok so i need advice from the moms!

      my lil boy is sick and i can never get him to take his medicine.
      like he just wont swallow it.
      he will spit it right bak out!
      it drives me crazy cause its suppose to help him get better and its never going to work if he spits it out!

      the other thing i need help with is wit the bottle.
      he is about to be two and he is still on the bottle.
      ok so his bottle is more like a comfort item so he takes its only to go to sleep.
      if i dnt give him his milk he just wont go to sleep!
      i’ve tried before but it still hasnt happened.
      i dnt want to try just now cause he’s sick and i feel bad just taking it away from him.
      ill try again once he’s feeling better.
      but i need ideas.
      im also expecting and havent been feeling so good and if i dnt give him his bottle i would just never get any sleep!

      please give me ideas wit the medicine and bottle issues!


        well def get the bottle before the new baby comes i wnet threw this my daughter was 2 n half at the time n i had my son n she would steal his bottle alot n try to be the baby i did it the wrong way i waited to long so dont do that., i def know what you mean about getting no sleep def wait till he feels better n try it they have these sippy cups with nipples on them so its a slow transtion but your getting there than after about a mo go to a reg top the kind he would have to suck to get the milk out. it might work idk thye also have these things at like walmart they come filled with juice they ahve like heads of charcters on them n you cna buy it once n just reuse those they ahve to suck it like a bottle to get the juice milk out of it thats what worked for my 3 yr old last yr.,now on the med give it to him in apple sauce or jello it works trust me i ahve 6 kids n only 2 will take meds i hope this helps you please visit my page n tell me if it works i hope your boy feels better. good luck mommy6


          Well as far as the bottle goes find something else to comfort him at night and he wont need his bottle anymore..being sick if its liquid try putting it in a cup w something to drink.thats how we had to do w my daughter.


            my daughter is nearly 3 and still has her bottle at night and she is the same if she doesnt have bottle and dummy she wont go to sleep so i figure if its what keeps them secure then let it be, no-one else see’s what goes on at night time. It during the day you worry about it.

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