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      Hi my name is Amanda and i’m 21 years old and13 weeks pregnant with my first baby.This baby was planned by myself and the baby’s father,but now he acts like he dont want the baby anymore.I really dont know what to do anymore:(
      Justin the baby’s father has put me though so much the last few weeks,every change he gets he’ll tell me he dont think the baby’s his and that the only reason he’s with me is because he does not want to have to pay child support,but then the next day he tells me he wants to be with me and be in the babys life.I’ve been with him for 2 and 1/2 years and i love him with all my heart,but i cant put up with his bs anymore if anyone his any advice i would love to hear it because at this point im lost and dont know what to do.


        If it were me, and I have been in a similar situation, I would respond with,
        "This is your baby, if you don’t want to believe that it’s fine, but you will be the one paying for the DNA test because it’s not me with the doubts. I am having this baby with or without you allthough I’d much prefer that we did this together. You will be paying child support wether you want to or not, it’s not an optional thing, it’s the law. If you choose not to support me then it will be you who misses out on a wonderful experience of parenthood and every day you miss is one you can never recover, from now onwards. Think about it, and get back to me when you know what you are doing because I’m busy nuturing our unborn child and quite frankly I don’t need the stress ."
        Then leave him a few days, there’s not alot else you can do. It is also worth saying that this will be s very stressful time of change for both of you, but this doesn’t give him the right to tkae his worries out on you, tell him to find someone else to whinge at!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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