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      My boyfriend and I are 6 weeks pregnant, our parents know, baby’s healthy blah blah blah. One problem, we both want to keep the baby but we’re afraid we don’t have the money. Can anyone ease our fears or give us some money saving tips?


        Well this probably won’t help much if you don’t believe what I’m saying, but there’s an old Russian proverb that say, ‘If God gives you a child, He will give you for a child’. Which means if you have a child, you will be able to make ends meet for that child, or else it woulnd’t have happened.
        Sometimes seems far-fetched to believe, but it’s true, and it works:)


          you know, when i was pregnant, i would have never beleive that, but after having my son who is now two and a half, i beleive it full heartedly. its like great things happen with children.


            yup totally agree.
            god doesnt give us what we cant handle.
            if you wanna keep it. keep it.


              definately believe that! If he brings you to it he’ll bring you through it. But on a different note:

              We all worry about having a baby and how to take care of a new family and a new person. Knowing that everything is tight and that things will be hard, its natural to wonder how well someone else can do it. But you were picked out of everyone in the world to be the parents of this baby! Your parents will probably be a big help too. No one wants to rely on their parents to take care of our own baby but as long as you try to help out too then they probably wont mind! If you love your baby and dont give up on dreams, knowing that they should be achieved not only for you anymore but for your baby, you will be fine!

              **Dont buy TONS of clothes and stuff that you think is waaay too cute or the baby would love to have because they wont notice for awhile and a lot of money is wasted on stuff like that! Take hand-me-downs and gently used items until you can really afford it. You dont have to keep everything people give you either. You can take it back and save up the money or use it on something you guys really need! Start using these rules now for everything you can and itll really save. Sorry that was long but let me know if you need anything or want to talk! How old are you?

              Congrats!!! Good luck!!!
              Kailey, 18
              Mommy To Faith, 14 months!

              "For I know the plans I have for you… plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."
              Jeremiah 29:11


                ITA… babies don’t really cost that much when they are little, except for diapers and formula (great reason to breastfeed!)

                And if you find that money isn’t flowing that heavily and you need to ask for help…then do it! There are many agencies that are around to help.

                We never thought we could afford any of our children, but we have. God’s way of providing doesn’t always mean there is a check in your mailbox. But it can be a neighbor bringing over a box of wipes or a prepared meal.

                Take a deep breath. It will all come together! 😉


                  Hey, My bf and I chose adoption for our baby. We weren’t taking the easy way out, and believe me, it’s been anything but easy. We chose it because we wanted our baby to have married parents and a stable environment to grow up in. We love him with all our hearts and also have a great relationship with the parents we chose. Our adoption’s very open and we can see him as much as we desire. I’m not saying it’s right for everyone, but I know that it can be a beautiful thing. Pray and ask God what is best for the baby and what He asks you to do about it. But know this, He will give you the strength to do whatever you choose. Good Luck… I just posted something in one of the forums, "Anyone chose adoption for baby," incase you’re interested. Adoption isn’t easy, but you can get through it if you choose that. and you can ask me anything… If you want to talk, I am here…


                    That is an amazing and selfless decision you have made. I hope that my husband and I are lucky enough to find a first mommy like you.


                      Someone told me the other day that adoption is the most noble and selfless thing you can do for your baby.

                      I would like you to know that though we have never met, never spoken in person, and probably never will, I am so proud of your decision. I hope that when I give my baby up that he/she finds a family that loves him/her as much as I have come to. Thank you for being an inspiration to stay strong and continue with this decision. I truly appreciate it.


                        Well, an inspiration you are! The concern and love you show for your baby is just wonderful. Stay strong in your resolve, and don’t ever be afraid to ask for a little halp along this journey.


                          you know, when i was 17 and found out i was pregnant, neither myself or the father had a job. we did have a lot of support and help from many different agencies. after i had to stop breastfeeding due to complications, if i could not afford formula i was able to get it through either my sons or my own doctors office. you will be surprised how many people want to help, i was


                            I’m glad the adoption is open that way your child will know who you are.

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