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      I am currently almost nine months pregnant and i have been gettting in to doing adoption but something keeps telling me i should keep my baby girl. My mom said she could help me and finicla and my mom thinks its best for me to keep her but i am living with relatives and they think i should do adoption i feel i am being pulled in every direction. I mean i am only 15 i have my life ahead of me but she has a life to! :huh:


        In this situation you have to follow your heart. Everyone else can tell you what they think, but you have to live with your decision for the rest of your life. All, I can tell you is if I had listened to everyone else. I wouldn’t have my precious eighteen year old daughter.


          nobody can tell you what decision is best for you. Only you can go with your heart. If you love your child you will go with the best decision for her, not what mom thinks is best or relatives thinks is best. If you want to do adoption for her sake, because you feel that she will be better off than do it, however if you feel that she would be just as fine as you, you should look at it that way. Either way its not an easy decision and I wish you luck.


            well i’m 5 months pregnant too and it wasn’t planned i’ve decide to keep my little girl and coming up with that decision tooka long time and wasn’t easy to make. But i thought about what i wanted and if give your baby away is what you want then go with it but make sure it’s your choice because if it isn’t you could end up hating yourself or the people around you. look in your heart you find your answer 😉


              I think you should do what you feel in your heart is right. If you want to keep the baby and you think you could raise her with some help then you should keep her. If you don’t think you would be able to do that then you should release her for adoption. Is the baby’s father involved? Have you considered open adoption (where you can stay in touch with the family that adopts you little girl?) I’ll pray for you and I hope everything works out for you and your precious baby girl.


                Hi, hon… I wish I could just give you a huge hug. I know how scared you
                must be… You didn’t ask about adoption specifically, but I’m pretty open
                about the fact that I placed my first child for adoption. I’ve also had
                a lot of conversations with friends who had unplanned pregnancies and chose not to parent. Basically, what we came up with was that our experiences of our "unplanned" pregnancy was very similar: we all lost babies, we all had to grieve our babies, we all look at children of similar age and wonder what parenting
                would’ve been like, what our child would’ve been doing at that age,
                wondering what they would’ve looked like… it’s kind of like seeing your
                ghost-child, at times, when you see a child that looks a whole lot like
                you’d think yours would. And yet, there’s the difference: I get pictures and
                letters, get to find out what he looks like, what he’s into, I get to see
                that he’s doing well, thriving, being loved, part of a family, and made a
                family. My gal friends who chose abortion get some serious struggles with
                guilt and depression that just seem to keep resurfacing, no matter how many
                years separate them from that decision. I’m not saying that adoption is the
                way to go for you; parenting is a beautiful option, and there is tons
                (TONS!) of support and resources out there for you, should you decide to go
                that road. But, if you should decide that you’re not ready or able to
                parent, think about giving someone else that chance. You’d be giving your
                child life, and then giving him/her A life. If you ever want to talk, I
                would be there for you. Best wishes, Kathryn


                  []You absoultly must fallow you heart,just make sure your heart is in the right place.Open adoption is a wonderfull choice for your baby if you choose give your two stable parents you will be insuring your baby has stablity and you can choose a famly that is close by that is truly looking for an open adoptin .A famly that wants you involved in your childs life the benfits are endless for your baby BUT if you make an adoption plain and your hearts not in it you will be opening the door for a lot of greaf and heart ach.If you truly want to parent your baby be prepared that its not easy but it is rewarding.You will have to be you own advocate and search out support in your community.You life will change drasticly if it hasent alreddy.You will need to learn a lot and a lot of being a mother comes naturaly.Most of all being a parent means not only giving uncondishionl love and care it also means self sacrfice.Their were times whin I was 18 and had a baby whin all my friends wer out enjoying their young lives.I got left behind with my baby.I nevor resented him or wished I didnt have him I just relised I had lost a very important part of growing up,I had to skipp 18,19,20,21,22.Becouse I was raseing a famly.Those are the years my friends were care free and doing nothing but having fun I was changing dypers,getting spit up on,not sleepin,haveing morning sickness,sore back and doing more londry that Id ever seen in my life.I also herd my babys say moma and dada for the first time saw thim take their first steps laff sing and grow.Im not trying to tell you eather way just serrously think of all you giving up,are you willing to give it up and nevor look back and say I wish I had done it diffrent.One more thing…whin you make an adotion plain you are not GIVEING UP YOUR BABY,YOUR GIVEING TO YOU BABY..iTS YOUR CHOICE AND DONT LET ANY ONE MAKE IT FOR YOU


                    Hey i was 15 when i found out but had him at 16and i didn’t no what to do but i kept my child because i wanted to see him grown up and he his very well loved but im so glad i didn’t give him away he means the world to me and there help out there to help you as well

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