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      So i am 13 years old. My ex boyfriend and i had intercourse 9 days ago without protection. I took a test earlier and i am pregnant. Tomorrow im going to the doctor to confirm it. The baby’s father is a total loser who skipped the last month of school and has been send to an alternate education program for fights and cussing out a teacher. I told him i was pregnant and he suggested i abort it. that isnt even an option. so now i need some advice. i know that he is young and i cant blame him for not wanting to be a father but this was a mistake we both made. i know that adoption would be the hardest thing i’ll ever do in my life but i dont want the baby growing up with no father and a loser mother. i know the right option is obvious but i just want another girl in my position to talk to. :/ thanks[center]



        Hey hunny, what’s your family life like? Do you have a good relationship with your parents? Have you told anyone else yet? Do you have supportive people in your life that will help you through this process, whatever you decide? You’re not a loser because you got pregnant. Accidents happen every day! Also, would you want to choose parenting if it were possible? Because you shouldn’t choose adoption unless you are completely, totally, a million and one percent sure that it is right for BOTH you and the baby. Use to see where the closest crisis pregnancy center is, and make an appointment there with them. They can help you figure out what will be best for you and the baby in the long run. You’re really young, but you CAN do it. I only say this because I don’t want you to make a decision you’ll regret and struggle with all your life. And that can happen so easily if you have any doubts about your choice. You’re still early along, so do some thinking, and check your resources. There are programs that can assist you in graduating and eventually becoming independent, as well as helping you make the transition from teen to mother.

        Also, sorry I asked so many questions. But the more I know about you & your situation – the better I will be able to help you <3


          Heey my name is Ashleii and I am 14 and about 7 months pregnant. I have not told my mom, the only ones who know is me and and my boyfriend. I am going to a heath center to talk to someone to get more information, and how to exactly break it to my mom. I am very scared at how my mom is going to take it, like you have no idea!
          But yes, this is something at soemtime me and my boyfriend both wanted, so it happened.. And now we are un sure of it.
          I am pretty sure it is too late to abort mine, but that is something iwould not want to do anyways.
          Yes, it is going to be a struggle.. Through everything, but everything that does happen will make you a stronger person.. No matter how hard it is to get through it.
          I think you shold keep the baby, but you are only 13 and have a lot of life ahead of you, highschool, college.. And so do I.
          But that’s a decision you have to make.
          Possibly talk to your mom about it.
          If you really think you can’t do it, then there are a lot of people that will support you if you do put it up for adoption.
          If you ever need to talk I am just a click away,
          send me an email or add me on msn or something.
          Hope to hear from you!
          Best of luck.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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