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      Hey ladies!

      Okay, so I have an addiction problem. I can’t possibly, realistically see myself going 9 months w/o “medicine” *cough*. That is terrible, but true. I am also pro-life. I don’t know what to do. I am trying to hold out, but that makes me want to self-medicate all the more!

      Anyone else have a similar experience?



        Hey, I went through a similar situation as you did. Only I turned out to not be pregnant after I took the tests. I stopped with my “medicine” when I thought I was pregnant, and although it was hard, I managed to do it until I could find out if I was pregnant or not. All I thought about was the possible baby, think about what taking your “medicine” would do to the baby. That’s all it took me to stop, and I did, for like a month. So it is possible 🙂 You just have to work hard and think about what would happen to your baby if you kept taking it.


          i would focus my mind on the baby. would you really be able to destroy his life, just because you ”couldnt” stay away from the stuff for 9 months?

          the truth is, it would be YOUR fault if there were somethiung wrong with the baby.

          talk to your doctor, there are people who can help you with it, its going to sound rude but you need to keep yourself together for those 9 months, so that youll have a healthy, precious baby, and stay away from the meds too
          and realize, that you have to grow up now, be a responsable adult, who is in charge of another precious life, and do all in your power to assure him a healthy start.


            Even if you couldn’t stop doing “medicine”, choose life. There are people that will take the baby if she has problems, people who will take the baby if he is addicted. You can legally give birth and leave the baby at the hospital, no questions asked.

            That said, crisis pregnancy centers can help. I offer counseling at mine and will work one on one with anyone who needs help. I will do whatever is necessary to help a mother be healthy while she is pregnant and do whatever is necessary to help her with the baby after the baby is born. I don’t think I am unique, crisis pregnancy centers are awesome! Also, a good church, friends, family I am sure would be willing to be there for you during this time.

            Please choose life for your baby, you may well be saving your own (if it gets you out of the drug lifestyle).

            (((hugs))) Melissa


              I am sorry but your attitude is very immature. You have put yourself in this position so you need to accept the responsibility and get off the drugs!

              If you get off the drugs you can fix up your life and give birth to a healthy baby which you can keep or adopt out.

              But if you do not get off the drugs you will either miscarriage or give birth to a very sick/deformed or disabled baby. If you do that you have to live with the fact that you have done that to a human being due to selfishness. Plus if you stay on the drugs you are going to be poor and sick for the rest of your life and eventually die from kidney or liver failure or overdose… the choice is yours.

              I would choose to go get help and save you baby.


                Just go to your doctor, it is better to be honest with them and ask for practical and physical help than to risk using during your pregnancy….they may have something that is safe for baby that will help you transfer meds until you can wean off or something like that…I am here if you need me, I have overcome a lot of issues including drug use so please, write to me and we can trouble shoot your situation…Love Meg


                  I agree with the moderator here- suprisingly enough there are some drugs that have less of an effect on a fetus than you’d think, I am NOT saying it would be healthy to continue using if you decide to continue the pregnancy but it’s possible that no real damage has been done so far. As uncomfortable as it can be to tell your doctor about what your life is really like, they need to know and want to help.

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