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      Name/Screen Name: krissiekissalicious
      Name: Ace Joseph Rose
      Birth Date: January 22, 2010
      Weeks Pregnant: 36.3 weeks
      Original Due Date: 2.14.10
      Time: 12:16pm
      Weight: 4lbs 8oz
      Height: 16 inches

      last thursday i went for aces growth scan every thing seamed fine thent he doctor came in and went over him ang goes ok its time for this baby to be delivered!! i was like what!! and shes like your blood flow is low and your placenta isnt doing its job any more we wont grow. i was sent to labor and delivery at 9pm they started corvadil and i started having having contractions that lasted all night at 7am i was in soo much pain! they took the cervildil out but i was only at 1! theyy started potosin and i had stadol i was fine then they broke my water aand the pain hit again so i had an epidural at 11 she came back to check me and i was only at 2 at that point i was rreally numb and sleepy so i fell asleep they woe me up telling me his heart rate kept droping the doctor came in around 1150 and was like ok your at 10 i can feel his head its time to push icouldnt believe i went form 2 to 10 in less then an hour! the wh i couldnt feel my contractions or any thing because my epidural was still going and i was laying on the button the whole time. after pushing threw only 4 contractions and 15 min aj came into the world. 4lbs 8oz 17in long at 1216 pm! mommy and baby are doing amazing at home


        Oh my goodness, your son is completely beautiful. I am so happy to hear you both are doing well. I can’t wait to have my baby boy, but i’m going all natural. (:


          Beautiful! congrats!




              i wanted to do it natural but umm ya the pain took over contractions kill!


                He’s beautiful…hee hee he looks sooo serious. Btw i love that hat XD


                  congrats hun! he is super adoreable!!!!


                    congrats :cheer:


                      He’s absolutely beautiful! 🙂 Congratulations. Glad to hear you’re both doing fine.


                        aww he is so adorable


                          He is soooooooo adorable :] I love his eyes! congrats!!!


                            oh my goodness your baybee is freaking adorable:)
                            Congadulations hunnie:)!

                          Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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