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      I don’t expect anyone to reply. I don’t even expect this to be noticed…. I’m a teenage girl who has suffered from depression, eating disorders, and self harm for 2 years…. I’ve been going through intensive therapy to get over the urge to hurt myself… I’m currently 16 years old… I’m a senior in highschool due to good grades and placement testing when I was younger…. School was already hard enough being the youngest… Being younger I’ve always had guys attention… I’ve only ever “done it” with 3 people so please… Don’t think I’m a whore or anything… I just started dating this guy, jake, after a recent break up with my year long boyfriend, brad, brad was everything I wanted I swore I was in love but of course, what teen doesn’t… He hit me, just once, and immediately apologized… I of course forgave him and stayed with him …. I ended up being hospitalized for cutting myself and when I got home, saw pictures of him with this new girl…. He and I had been inseperable….. When I asked him about this girl he dumped me…. This was 4 weeks ago…. I started getting dating jake a week later. We haven’t done ANYTHING. I told myself I wanted to take things slow with him so I wouldn’t risk having my heart broken again…. Last week I started getting symptoms…. 2 days ago I took a test.. Pregnant….. Brad hurt me… So badly….. I told he and jake both about the pregnancy test… Jake dumped me… Brad told me to get rid of it or “have fun alone” …. My parents don’t know yet…. I’m against abortion….. I’m alone and my depression is getting worse…… I’m lost in my situation…. I’m a Christian child who fell into my sin…. And now I’m stuck.


        Hey Samantha! Glad you found StandUpGirl. You have been through quite a lot in the last 2 years. I can imagine why you feel alone and lost in all that is going on. Finding out you are unexpectedly pregnant can be difficult at first for anyone, but add that to your other struggles and it can be very overwhelming.

        Know that though you feel stuck, you are not alone in your situation. There is so much support available to you. Sometimes the people closest to us have a hard time supporting us when they feel unprepared. That can hurt a lot, but that is a major reason why support from the community has been made available to girls just like you!

        You took a huge step in reaching out to us, so I hope you take the next step and reach out to someone at a Pregnancy Center. The women at these centers aren’t just concerned with pregnancies; they care about you and helping you become the healthiest mom you can be. You can talk with them about how best to tell your parents and other people in your life, learn about relationships and how to make healthy choices that protect your heart and body, and many other things. All of their services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. Even if you feel nervous, you have the courage to reach out!

        The best way to find a center in your area is to go to this website:
        – Type in your zip code/city
        – The centers nearest you will show up
        Most often, you can make an appointment the same day you call. So when you find one, make the call as soon as you can. And if you have any difficulty in finding one in your area, just let us know and we’ll help you out.

        Continue to attend therapy to gain strength in how to manage your depression, eating disorders and self harm– the healthier and happier you are, the healthier and happy your baby will be!

        I hope for the best for you. StandUpGirl is a great network of support online for you too – there are many girls who have gone through what you are going through on here. So check out the forums, blogs, letters, etc. There are also so many great articles you can read too!

        Good luck, Samantha.



          my names Abby nd i readied ur story nd i thank u for STRONG enough to explorer u inner self and realize ur issues nd talk about them i am PROUD of u . i think u just need to go slow and the people that are meant to stray in your life will never leave when u need them the most and the ones that are suppose to vanish will go easily because they can not handle it. so find things to do to keep u looking to the positives. find the beauties which is always laying were u unexpected it to be see the goods while going through the tough times which is not easy be can be done.. I wish u all the best in making all the right choices your mind body and souls wanting u tooo.. U CAN DO IT I BELIEVE IN U

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