Abortion or not!!!!

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      ok, so im in my second pregnancy, my first one i had an abortion. This one i dont. My my doctor has found a cyst on my right kidney and wants me to have another abortion so they can get to it.

      If i dont go through with the abortion, keep my child and have the operation after can anything happen to my child while the cyst is still on my kidney or is it better to abort my child get the cyst removed and then try for another child.


        My personal opinion is to keep the baby and let God work a miracle in your life. Doing what is right in His sight is followed by blessings, with the cyst you might end up having complications…but….if you keep this baby maybe the Lord will just cause your cyst to "go away" on its own..He is known for healing 🙂 if the Lord chooses not to just heal you then maybe this will be an experience that would just cause you to pray hard. Keep the baby and let God handle the rest!!!!………Love and Prayers…Meg


          It’s never good to kill a child. Girl, doctors dont know everything! Just keep believing that it will go away and stay positive! The best help right now is prayer, I meen it!It has always helped me… Jesus is there for u girl, dont kill your baby again! I hope everything will turn out for the better!! : )


            You really should ask a doctor about this. There are many online medical Q&A sites for advice if you can’t get someone to talk to you without an appointment locally.

            Praying for you and the baby to be safe and healthy.


              wow, i admire ur strength, i wouldent b able 2 cope on having to make a choice like that!!

              All i can say is do some reseacrh on it. . .find out how the cyst will affect u and the baby,

              Im sorry that i wenr much help, bu this is somthing u need to reseacrh an ask questions to doctors,

              i wish u all the luck in the world an if u need 2 chat 2 any1 im here xxxxxxxxxx


                The fact is you are the only one that knows what you want to do. You need to listen to your doctor in detail about the risk involved. In the end, only you can decide what to do, all I can suggest is that you are aware of all the medical facts.


                  normally cysts aren’t life threatening so just keep the baby and have it removed after u have him/her…..


                    hey hey…you can still use one good kidney! That is wrong to tell you to abort your child.
                    I reckon you will be fine OR get another opinion from another dr. I hope all works out well for you


                      Can I share with you another mom’s situation?

                      She is pregnant and has a large kidney stone, and normally these can be broken up with lithotripsy (a quick, non-invasive procedure), but she didn’t want to risk hurting her baby.

                      So, she is living with the stone until the baby is born. She must be so brave. The stone blocks the urine from draining, so she has a tube from her kidney that carries the urine out into a little bag.
                      (Her sister even had a stylish fabric cover made for the bag–a pretty pee pee purse!) 😛

                      Soon, the baby will be born, and the stone will be disintegrated by shock waves. Neat!


                        🙁 NOT NOT NOT!!

                        I agree with Meg. This is no reason for you to abort your own little baby. I have heard so many stories about diabetes and cysts and stuff that got cured by pregnancy. So I think personally that you should have the baby first and THEN the surgery for the cyst. Good Luck and God Bless…Yolly


                          hey, just an update

                          went for a check up yesterday and the docs could not find my babys heartbeat, so i had no choice, i had to get the fetus out of me, but im fine.

                          Thanks everyone

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