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      When will we stop asking ourselves, ‘should i get an abortion?’ when a girl gets pregnant, there shouldn’t be the question of abortion. Sure, i understand theres confusion, not knowing what to do, and having to have that burden, it’s alot to carry over our shoulders, i should know, i was pregnant at 16 and had my baby 17. And let me tell you all that alot went through my mind, what would become of me? what about school? how will i tell my parents, and my relatives? everyone will judge me and critize me, and what about my future? my plans to go to school? and so much more i would ask myself. I thought to myself, why is there so many girls out there sleeping around and they don’t get pregnant, but i, once, got pregnant, i didn’t understand. i started blaming everything, but myself. i thought about abortion, not because i wanted to do it, but because i knew it was the easy way out. It’s like i was caught between two roads, the stormy dark road with bumps, holes, ups and downs, or the sunny smooth road with birds singing, and quiet. And i chose to go through the stormy dark road, WHY? because i know that after the storm, there’s always a light at the end. It’s so easy to take the easy way, but for those girls who consider abortion of means to not confront there OWN responsibilities and consequences, i will tell them this, maybe while having an abortion, making everything easy, so that no one will know, not family, not friends, not relatives, not anyone, but you can hide from everyone, but we can’t hide from GOD, he’ll know, who cares about what everyone else thinks? GOD will know. Having a baby is hard, BELIEVE ME, i went through alot of pain, but i had my parents who were there for me and help me out. I also really advice for the girls that are considering abortion to research on the subject, and i want them to see how these abortions are done. I did that, and on some of the images that i saw, i was in tears to see how these poor little human beings were murdered, how they suffered, and they don’t even have a voice, they don’t have a say in what they want. Having a baby truly was life changing for me, it was an extension of my life. Now i only think about him, and i finished high school through homeschooling and i will go to college. A baby can truly make you do things even harder, you have to make something out of yourself, for them, because they depend on you since the moment the are concieved. When i was pregnant there was no turning back, i have to confront what i had to, my responsiblities and consequences of my actions. i read here about girls that had abortions when i was pregnant and they truly made me cry because they regretted it. i have friends that want babies, and they can’t have any or have misscarriages, and i see other girls that have abortions and it makes me angry that there’s people out there who would give up everything and anything to have a baby of their own, and there’s girls aborting. i know being young, and someone telling you to confront the responsiblities for your actions is easier said than done, but again, life is about growing and learning from experiences, although having a baby really slaps you in the face to realize that your bringing a human being into the world, and it really makes you mature and really think about what you do. I want to finish saying this, God gave us a powerful gift to have little angels, and sometimes those gifts are given to us early on for a reason.

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