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      I got pregnant at 16.I was embarrased and confused about what I should do I knew abortion wasn’t one of them I had always said I would never get one.I felt like Iwas forced to have one my mom even tho she said it was my choice was against me having the baby, also my boyfriend was. Like most girls probably I felt like he would leave me like most boys do.He said he wouldn’t go nowhere but he wasn’t ready for no child and I wasn’t neither but I could make myself ready I thought.But I had dreams of college and just being a teenager.I knew I would have to put all of that on hold and cocentrate on what’s mine.Now I wish I would’ve had my lil boy or girl.Sometimes I wounder what I would’ve had not a day goes by .I can’t even look at a preg. woman or read anything about pregnacy.The doctors don’t tell you about the emotional stress or regrets that you go through it’s heart breaking.I don’t about other cases with teenage girls after an abortion but all it did to me was make me wanna get preg.again. But have your 1st child they say theirs nothing like it when your holding her or him in your arms.I wish I could’ve shared that moment I also wish I would’ve visited this site before I made my decision and now I hope somebody reads mine and make the right choice because your baby didn’t ask for this so don’t kill the baby because your only punishing yourself forever……….


        I was thinking about having one of I am pregnant becuz im way too young and cant afford it how bad was it?


          Well you sound like you went through a lot. It sounds like the same thing my friend Tiffany went through 😉 . I wish you best of luck.


            Okay, so your considering abortion? Have you done the research? Do you know HOW the abortion is performed? And here is the kicker, 10 years from now (heck a year from now) would you rather look back on your life and say "I loved my baby, therefore I gave him life and into the arms of loving parents, or "I selfishly ended my baby’s life" The pain of abortion NEVER goes away, the pain of giving up for adoption never goes away either but the thoughts of joy in some couples face who can not have children has the possibility of easing that pain! This obviously is a choice that you and only you can make, but I ask that you pray about it and think ahead! Don’t just think of tomorrow, because the pain will be there YEARS from now!

            I have gotten the impression this site is for JOYOUS reasons! I am a survivor of teenage pregnancy, I have a wonderful daughter and have had a very successfull life having three other children. But I would have LOVED to give my husband the most valuable gift you could ever give a man..VIRGINITY! This is the ONLY regret I have. To those of you considering having a child as a teen (actually PLANNING it), please seek someone to talk to! Gain focus on your life! Value your body, get some goals, the best gift you could give your kids is a stable family and an educated occupation!

            I hope I don’t offend anyone by this message, but I do hope I change some thoughts, and spark some interest in abortion research and the alternatives!! There are people who care out there!!


              Dont kill your baby! You will regret it for the rest of your life. There are too many people out there that cant have children that would be willing to take it.


                Amen!! I am glad someone said it!! There re so many women that are not ablr to carry a baby full term or can not have them at all. Like me I lost my baby at in the first trimester, if i coud bring him/her back I would. Do not kill you baby,


                  Im 16 and I may be pregnant and Im scared, I know that I don’t want to kill it, its a part of me and I know god will help me take care of it, but my parents are forcing me to get one and are not being supportive at all, and my BF claims he isn’t ready and neither am I, but i didn’t lay myself down. But i need help on what I should do, about my parents. :unsure:


                    Girl, I cant say I understand what your going through cuz im not in that situation. But im going to hopefully give you some good advice that will make you think.
                    First of all… You cant live your life for nobody else. You have to do what you know is right in your heart. Your the one that has to look yourself in the mirror everyday. I dnt know what your faith is, or if you believe in god… but you should definitly pray on it. Dont begin to play God and decide who will live and who will die.
                    You may not be ready for this child….but he/she is counting on you. You do know that when you get an abortion you are murdering a human being right? This human could eventually grow up to be a loving mother or father, doctor, lawyer, or whatever. I dnt know if your considering abortion or not but just think about that. Your paying someone to put a price on your baby and kill it.
                    As for your parents, if they truely love you they will support you no matter what. Here are some websites that you should visit:

                    By the way…Im not trying to pass judgement on you, and you will be in my prayers Shannon


                      It is your body, and your decision, but I must caution you. I have had an abortion, about 4 years ago, and I still have not forgotten how awful it was. They heard you in like Cattle, and treat you like crap! I still cry to even think about it, and although it is terrible that you don’t have more support from your parents, please just consider what you really want. I know it’s scary, and hard, (I was there too), but it will pass. My friend scheduled an abortion about 7 months ago, and was so scared, she walked out. Now, she has a beautiful baby girl and she is SO happy that she didn’t go through with it! I regret my decision every day of my life, and will never ever forgive myself for what I’ve done, but I have learned from my mistake, and hopefully this has given you some insight at both ends of the spectrum. Good luck sweetie! Jenn

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