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      My boyfriend and I have been engaged in intimate behavior for several months now; and we always relied on the rhythm method as a form of birth control and I never really thought about pregnancy as an issue.

      Recently; I have missed my period and tested positive on the pregnancy test – I am so scared and don’t know where to turn to for help…please offer any advice you may have and an explanation of what options I have.



        hey Alicia!

        Glad you joined! first off have you seen a doctor yet about how far along you are? babies have a heart beat within the first 2 weeks of conception! πŸ™‚ so you have a growing beautiful life in you right now! there are some number you can call to find a pregnancy resource center in your area to get an ultra sound and hear your babys heart! πŸ™‚ 1800 395 HELP is the optionline. you do not have to get an abortion ! if you feel you just cant have a baby nor take care of one there ARE ALWAYS other options. you can have an open adoption to where you can see your baby get pictures visits, or a closed to where you just bless a family who is unable to have kids and would love to love your little munchkin πŸ™‚ so dont think abortion is the only thing πŸ™‚
        also the help line can get you to a pregnancy resource center in your area their number is 1866 942 6466 πŸ™‚ im here to talk with you anytime πŸ™‚ also please come into the chat room to discuss more if you need πŸ™‚



          Hey there….Your post brings me back to when I first found out I was pregnant…wow, I was numb and pretty freaked out…life was a blur for several months but today when I look at my daughter I am so glad that I have her, all the stuff I have been through, being a single parent, working 3 jobs at once, getting shut off notices etc, seems so small and much less intimidating than it all was at the time…Just know that this little baby in your tummy is there for a reason, this is not an OOPS, this little life is going to take you for a ride, parts of that ride may not be ideal but the best parts will by far outweigh the rocky ones…Trust me, I also agree with Teka about calling the optionline number, I have received help from my local pregnancy center over the years, my daughters great grandma bought me diapers one time and had already opened the package, they were too small for my daughter to wear comfortably and the center here took them and traded me diaper for diaper of a larger size…you don’t have to go through this alone but please, do your research on abortion, it seems like a quick fix to a scary situation but it does carry the weight of long term consequences, look into the risks, there are many….we are all here for you at Standupgirl.com and many of us have been in the same scary shoes you are in right now…Just hang in there and don’t make quick decisions, take your time and make sure that you fully understand what you do and why you are doing it…Love Meg, meg@standupgirl.com


            helo i to have afriend who wants to carry to abortion cauze they arent ready to take care of the baby now so should i support her too?


              you should follow threw,its the best thing you can do for her, its the most important thing. i never had the support, they blammed me and this would be the best thing for her and you, please help her threw it, it is very very very hard


                I think my posts will start to sound like a broken record, but here it is:

                Find a crisis pregnancy center in your area if possible. Most offer parenting classes (which ease the scary part and make you feel more confidant) and in exchange they usually have some type of “mommy store” where you can purchase diapers, clothing, car seats and other supplies.

                It may seem scary to think that a baby will change your life, and he (or she) will change you and your fiance! My little one will be 12 this Thursday. I always told myself I would “never” have any children. I didn’t have kind words either, I didn’t like kids. My sweet son has changed my life forever. It is hard to describe this little baby gazing into your eyes with such “hero worship” and love. You are their world, and no matter how many stupid mistakes we make (yes, I made a lot. I mean A LOT), you just keep learning right along with them.


                  well i am glad that you came here. there is a lot ofsupport on this website. sweetheart you really could be carrying another life inside you right now. i am 30 week snd 5 days pregnant, i did not plan for it at all. my boyfriend ran before we knew officially that i was pregnant.
                  you really need to go to the doctor and get yourself check out. i didnt find out until ij was five months pregnant. but it a long story.

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