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      i had an abortion about 12week ago now, the day i went through with the op, i knew then thats not what i wanted to do, but i went through with it because of my partner, not supporting me and making me feel guilty for keeping it.now i feel absolutly terrible!all i can think about is what iv done 2 a poor innocent foetus.can any please help me or point me in the direction of help as i have been to the doctors 2 get help but they dont seem 2 want to know now.x


        I feel so bad when people feel like they are pressured into an Abortion, nobody should do it because of that reason, ‘nor any reason in my mind and opinion- however, I hope things work out well. I wish you the best.




          hey there i had abortion about a year and a half ago. i know how you feel. it just takes time. i regret it everyday and i feel so empty inside. you have to TRY to move on. what helped me most was to write a letter to the baby. i know its weird but it helped. my mom made me go to theropists and stuff to try to help me and like give me pills but it didnt work. i finally came to god and asked for forgiveness. if thats not your think i suggest you TRY. if its really not your thinkg just know you can ask for forgiveness no matter what. but what REALLY helped me alot was to write a letter to the baby. also talking about it helped me to. i hope this helps a little. good luck.


            hey there,

            im in the same suitaion as you but had by abortion 4 weeks ago. I know that its a terrible thing to go.

            since my abortion i was in a terible state, i couldnt even get out of bed in the mornings. I went to the docs and they told me i had depression then i looked around the net for answers to my depression then i found out i had pass (post abortive stress syndrome).

            i hope that this website will help you.

            if you really need to talk please dont heasite to email me

            take care

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              hey there,

              i know what you are going through, i had my abortion 4 weeks ago. I would be 12 weeks today wednesday 7th.

              My partner made me go through having my abortion.

              im suffering from depression but i like to call it pass (post abortive stress syndrome), its nothing to be ashsmed off.

              I have found this website and this very special person on this website to have really helped me through his horibble suitation.

              If you are still thinkg about make sure you read and look on the other forum abortion the hard truth, if that was on here before i had the operation, there would not have been NO way i would have gone through with it.

              if u ever need to talk to someone, im always on here Im willing to help anyone that has been through such a horibble suitation like us.

              please keep in touch with me

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                I would go see a doctor… That is the only thing that helped me.

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