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      hello, my name is crason and i had an abortin 4 months ago. i loved my bf and he was 17 and got in trouble with him so parents put a restaring order on him befor they knew i was prego. i wanted they babe so bad it was the only thing i had left of my bf was the babe. and i didnt want abortion but i really got scared and presured into it by my mom. i really need some advice iam so upset and wish i could still have my babe in me … i took its life never had a chance 2 live..like i murderd someone. any stories of other ppl to help me get over this derpessing stage


        [i]Hi Carson 🙂 welcome to SUG. I am truly sorry that you’re in this situation and feeling the way that you are. I wish that I had a quick fix for you, but I’m afraid that it’s not always that easy… The best advice that I could give you is to let your emotions come to you naturally. If you want to cry… then cry, don’t let anyone stop you from mourning your little angel. It gets a little better as time passses, honestly, I can’t promise that it ever goes away completely, but you’ll learn to live with the decision. There’s also nothing wrong with missing or remembering your baby, and it’s normal to regret such a big decision.
        I guess that the whole healing process depends how you start handling it from day one.

        If you need someone to talk to, who knows what you’re going through, feel free to pm me.

        Love Eva[/i]


          hei there.

          im so sorry that you had to go through this… i went through one when i was 16, and really…like Eva said there is no fast fix to it. there will be ups and downs, and most likely it will be on your mind all the time. but it will get easier. like all the things get with time- mmm i think you somehow…learn to live with it. but first o, you will have to forgive yourself. the more you will hold on to it, blame yourself…you will just fall into a depression and everything will be even harder- i speak out of my own experience.

          talk. write. research. thats what helped me. the research part hurt m,e at first, oh so much… but then i … i dont know, i named my baby, i started having some ‘rituals’ just the aborted baby and i, and it helped. i wrote about it, a lot, and i was talking about it, and that helped me, not having to have the emotions in my self, but lettin them out, express them to people who have been through the same.

          know, you are not the only one. if you ever want to talk, im here.



            I’m pregnant and everyone around me is trying to get me to abort. Any ideas on how to tell them I never will?


              Hi Maia…. you just need to tell them it’s your body, your baby and your decision. It’s so easy for everyone to tell you what they think you should do, when they’re not the ones that ultimately have to live with the very far reaching consequences of a termination.

              I know that there are women who have terminated their pregnancies without any emotional backlash, i am not one of those women…. And since you’ve already decided that you want to keep your little one, i believe that you need to stand strong by that decision.

              I wish you all the best


                Just tell them. I know it sounds hard, but it’s your decision, your life. Just tell them, that it’s what you want etc. ♥ x


                  i personally dont believe in abortions; i had a miscarriage and it as horrible. i couldnt afford it but here’s somewhat of the story when i was 12 i got preg and my x bf broke up with me; denying his son; when i had a miscarriage he wanted me to be in his life again after the the pain he caused me i couldnt do it, i left and still after everything i been he put me through a lot and stills talk about the horrible day. i dont know how i can get over that and its been almost 4 years since i lost my little boy. i miss him and i was 5 months preg and the scariest thing is i have nightmares like my son Aven Bradley-Micheal is hunting me or something idk. i cant believe how much pain and women or teenager can go losing their first child. its terrible. i love my son and i love him dearly, 02-16-07 🙂 but through it all i know im going to see my son again one day thats what kinda helps me. im sorry for those who been through the same or different things but remember there will come a day when you will see your baby again:)

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