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      I believe that all of us here know that there are 3 options when you get pregnant. You can choose to have an abortion, you can choose to have an open or closed adoption or you can choose to parent your child. Well I have a daughter who is 5 months old I chose to parent her and I absolutly love my job as a mommy. I recently got back together with her father alothough we have not made anything offical we started having sex. I got on birth control about 1 month ago but I believe I’m pregnant again. I haven’t taken a test I’m waiting for tomorrow. I told my partner and he thinks abortion would be the easiest thing but I don’t belive in abortion, I could never kill something that god put on this earth for a reason. So I told him that, his response was that he can’t do another baby right now and it’s just not logical to have the baby. So I told him I would put the baby up for adoption if I was pregnant, his response to that was “why go threw all that pain to give the baby away and just say here you go”. If it were up to me I would keep the baby and parent it. I don’t know what to do, the last time I told him I was pregnant he left and just came back into me and his daughters life… I can’t do that again it was awful the first time but I also can’t kill a baby that was obviously supposed to be here. I’m soooo confused and so stressed out. I can’t even talk to him about it anymore because when I do he just makes me feel worse. I’m 17 and would have another baby by the time I was 18.


        Hey Girl,
        I just saw your post and wanted to encourage you to choose life for your baby (if you are indeed pregnant again). You said that if the choice were yours you’d choose to parent this child too. Well guess what.. the choice IS yours.

        I’ve been in your situation of not wanting to ruffle the feathers of my boyfriend. When I found out I was pregnant the first time I was so afraid I would loose him:unsure: . When I finally chose to carry my baby rather than killing her thru abortion, I told my boyfriend that I would give her up, thinking that he would take it better and stay with me. But ultimately, I couldn’t do that either…(although I think giving a child up for adoption has got to be the bravest and very responsible thing to do). But I had to first come to terms with the fact that he may walk. He did for a while, but eventually came back around.

        Anyway, either direction you choose, please choose to give life to this baby. If you abort, then you will have a lifetime of wondering, regret and hurt, knowing that you killed your daughter’s brother or sister.

        You are not going to be 18 forever and your children won’t be babies forever. You all will grow up and times aren’t as hard as in the beginning. I’m not saying it would be easy, but it would get easier as you get older. 😉 ((Hugs)) to you.


          Is it not going to be pain getting an abortion too???
          Most likely more regret coz u know the child isnt even living but adoption u still give the baby a life.

          If it came down to keeping him or the baby i know what id choose but it is your life and you are the only one that has to live with it.


            I appreciate the responses but what I was trying to say was that I WILL NOT get an abortion and although I don’t want another baby right now and it would be hard I would do it. Thank you.


              i am so glad that you have chosen to give life to your baby (if you are pregnant) as i am completely against abortion too!

              i am in a similiar situation, i am also 18. my daughter is 3 months old. in my mind i think i am 2 months preg, but the tests say diff, but whatever happens i am going to keep this baby.

              yes you will struggle, i’m not saying you wont. one baby at a young age is hard, it puts stress on the relationship, trust me ive been there too. and throwing another baby into the mix will make things more difficult, but as long as your children have love and a secure environment then you will get thru the bad times, your children will help you.

              you have the strength to raise two beautiful children and thrive at being an amazing mum!

              i’m here if you need to chat 🙂 xx


                hi sugar!
                so you pregnant after all.
                you know the joy a baby can bring you, and you
                know the financial difficulties and stress that it brings
                to. at the end of the day, its a life! a life is so so
                precious. it can be taken away within seconds!

                you know that as a mom you will do ANYTHING to provide for your babies
                now i know you only 17 and have a baby right now that
                you caring for, and it wont be easy to have a second

                with saying all this i really think you should take
                a test and see if you really are pregnant again
                before jumping the gun you know?

                if you are pregnant talk to you partner – if you
                really think you cant handle it maybe adoption is best
                but still one da that baby will grow up and want to know
                why mommy and daddy did not want him/her
                you really have to think about it carefully

                let me know how it goes

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