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      ok so here goes, i had an abortion at age 17 i had no option my parents and my boyfriend and his parents made me, pretty much dragged me to the clinic, theres not a day that goes past that i dont think about my baby, anyways i have since gotten engaged to my new partner of 4 years and we have discussed children and we both want them he is 22 and i am now 21 and im terrified that i might not be able to concieve because of the abortion is there any tests doctors can do before i even try to get pregnant to see if i can, just to set my mind at ease as we are not going to have a child yet but we defnitly want.

      any help would be great


        hello sweetheart. i know how it feels to have an abortion. and i know how it feels to be worried about not being able to have children after.
        go to the doctors, i asked my doctor and he felt my belly and that and said everything felt fine.
        i cant remember if he said tests can be done or not, but i think your best bet is to go to the doctors and find out.

        hope everything is all ok, and best of luck trying for a baby when you do 🙂

        Bernardette x


          i had an abortion, and i got pregnant again….so mostly, if and when the procedure is made corectly,and if you didnt have any problems after it…than you shouldnt have any big problems with getting pregnant and everything.

          but if you are worried,just ask your doc, hes paid for answering you so he will.



            There is no need to worry many people get pregnant after abortions and sadly I have known some girls who have had 3 or 4 abortions (on purpose) before they carry a baby to term.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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