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      I need to terminate my pregnancy due to many personal complications. Not a decision I have made lightly I must add. Has anyone else been through a termination? I’m about 8 weeks. I’m really scared. more scared than Ive ever been before.

      What is it like? How long does it take? What are the proceedures.

      I’ve got an appointment on monday with the clinic to discuss everything anf have a scan – but i’d like to be prepared.

      I’d appreciate any information offered. Please dont think Im a horrible person.

      Many thanks heidi


        Dear Heidi,

        First of all, I absolutely do not think you are a horrible person because you are considering abortion. But also please know that I am opposed to abortion and that is where my reply will be from. I know you are young and many young women have abortions. But if I were you, I would try to find an older woman who had an abortion, like at least 10 years ago, and ask her how she is doing today. The reason I say this is because if you just ask young women about having it, most of them will say it’s no big deal. That’s because research shows over and over (and it’s out there and easy to find if you just do a simple google search on phrases like "abortion complications") that having an abortion stays with you for years and you don’t realize the full consequences of it until, like 10 years later, when you have to seek medical treatment because you can’t get pregnant when you want to, or because you have breast cancer (they’re proven to be linked, but you won’t hear about it in the media) or because you are depressed, or because your marriage is messed up. It’s not a simple procedure that is over quickly. You never forget this baby and the long term guilt consequences are serious and frightening. Yes, choosing life for your baby means a complete life change, but the positive aspects of making room in your life (or someone else’s by adoption) for a child far outweigh the negative aspects of abortion that you will have for literally decades to come. 95% of women who’ve had an abortion regret it. Please reconsider.


          you know what i dont think your a horrible person but you should really think about what your about to do…i had an abortion some months ago and i really do regret it!!!!


            Hi Hedi,
            My name is Carie, and I would love to try and help you. I just want to let you know before anything eles that we have a God that loves us more then anything eles. Our Lord has pieced the small child in your tummy together. He has great plans for that baby, and you to. If that child is not born, the things God has palnned for it will never get done. That child has such a place in this earth just as you do. So please Hedi there are so many othe choseies for you. You do not have to do this. The child in your tummy is very much a person just as you are. I would love to help you make a loving chosce for this baby. Please write me. Prostylist7@aol.com

            With much love and care,

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