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      So I wanted to share something that has really made me think over the last 24 hours….I was out and about running errands yesterday and I ran by a storage unit to drop some things off and I found an abandoned pregnant girl, she was starving, just skin, bones and HUGE baby belly….I could tell she hadn’t eaten in DAYS….She was cold and wet and had nothing….I brought her home….well I guess I should let you in on a little fact…She is a cat…LOL…had you going there for a second though…Anyways I could tell she was really close to having her babies and I was worried that they would not be well or thrive because of how malnourished she is….my husband by the way is allergic to cats…Anyways he is the one who told me to bring her home and by the time I arrived with her he had a place all warm and cozy for her with a box and a can of tuna to eat…she was so thankful and scarfed it down…what made me bring home a stray cat? She was PREGNANT….we were born with a natural desire to help someone in need, to show love to those who have been abandoned and to share with those who have nothing…it was the fact that she was pregnant that made me want to care for her and make her mine…well I brought her home around 10:45 am and as of 9:30 this morning she was in labor and I found her pushing out her first baby….she had 6 babies today, all healthy and they are all nursing and we are bottle feeding them because the mom has no milk…why did I come and share all of this? Well to make a few points, 1, you never know what tomorrow or even later in the day holds, here she was starving and destitute one second and the next warm, loved, fed and safe….2, God knows your every need before you even do and will ALWAYS I mean ALWAYS provide a way out of a bad situation and make a miracle happen, these babies should not be alive with how sickly an starving their momma is, and with her lack of milk they should not be thriving the way they are….3, Most important of these points is that YOU ARE WAY MORE IMPORTANT TO GOD THAN A STRAY CAT!!! If God is going to show Grace, Love and Mercy to a stray cat how much more is He going to provide for you in this time of crisis pregnancy…it may be down to the last minute, you could be in labor in the pouring rain with NOTHING but HE WILL PROVIDE….4, My final point is this…I did not pick up this cat, take her to the vet, have her kittens removed and drop her back off to starve alone…I would not have seen a need to care for her and claim her as my own and love her the way I do if she were not pregnant…someone who truly loves you will offer the same, they will NOT offer to pay for your abortion or drive you there, someone who truly loves you will be by your side as you push that baby out just like I was there for this momma today, she was too starved, exhausted and weak to push, she would have been dead by now along with her kittens had I not brought her home…I had to open the water sacks and rub the babies to get them breathing because she didn’t know to lick them, she had no idea what to do but someone who loves you will hold your hand, help you push and be there to provide!! You have that love here at Standupgirl.com and you are of so much more value than my new kitty!!!


        you are a wonderful person to help


          that is so kind of you, its like why are there so little kindness in the word that is so nice of you


            Wow you are so nice! I live with 3 cats all of them have been strays (we got 2 from the cat shelter and the other just turned up) if we had not found them they would proboly be dead! Keep it up! Also congradulations on being a pet owner! :woohoo:

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