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      :blink: Hi I’m Em. I’m just confused because i got my period late this month it should be on the 7 but i’ve had it on the 17th but before that ( from 7 to 10 i had some pinkish & mucus whenever i got to the bathroom & wiped it) . Before that period i got a abdominal pain its like something is poking it & only occurs early in the Morning. And now I’m on my period its not usually the same as before right now it was a light bleeding not like before my first & second day was really heavy. My husband & I are a little bit worried just because i felt dizzy & very much emotional & I couldn’t help myself.( i’d cried & cried). Is this a so called implantation? I did tried a PT but it says negative. Pls. A little help.


        I would get bloodwork to make sure. My OBGYN told me that sometimes, pregnant womens hormone levels are below what a test can read.. or something along those lines.. Theyres numbers that your hormone levels have to be and most tests cant read below a 6. Youre hormone level can be as low as a 3 and you can still be pregnant. Thats what he told me when i had a scare last year. So you could or could not be. If youre under stress, that could be it. Or, if you had a thought in your head that you are pregnant, its a proven fact that you can actually get what seems like pregnancy symptoms. I hope everything works out!


          Hi there it sounds to me like you need to see your GP to know anything for sure. Good luck and i hope everything is ok .

          Luara 🙂

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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