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      Hi everyone, I am a 23 mother of one. I got pregnant with my son at 16 yrs old. My whole family told me I would never amount to anything and that I just kissed all my dreams good-bye. I dropped out of high school in 10th grade and always told myself I would go back. I have my G.E.D. now and I started College in February. I just want to let all of you out there know that your dreams are never lost, as long as you believe in yourself and you believe you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, you will!


        I agree….my teacher always told us, "Argue for your limitations and surely they are yours"…..I think so many girls who get pregnant at a young age don’t think they can make anything of themselfs. I think that if you really want something…you can have it just put faith into it.


          Its me again. I did not get the chance to write much last time because I was not feeling well. But I wanted to share with all of you the struggles and triumphs I went through after my son was born.

          Life has definately brought me down a different road than I thought it would.18 months after having my son at 16 his father left me. Here 7 years later he still hasn’t talked to us or wanted to see his son. It was hard at first to get over the loneliness and abandonment I felt from him. But life went on. I knew that in order to give my son a good life I had to be strong for not only him, but for myself. I really did think my life was over and I would never amount to anything. BUT that was a lie.

          In 2002 I recieved my GED through a welfare program called TEAM. It is a program designed for US, mothers AND fathers under the age of 23 who have children. I have met so many girls and heard so many stories so similar to my own that I just could not sit here and read them all without giving some encouragement. Since achieving myGED I have started college and in Novemeber 2006 I graduate with my Associates of the Arts in Business and in 2008 I graduate with my Bachelors of Science in Accounting. I have to say that through everything life has put me through since my son I am so proud of myself for following through with my dreams. 2 short months after achieving my GED I was assualted. I was punched in the crown of my head by a guy I had just broke up with. I have seizures and Chronic Protracting Migranes now which is also called a chronic headache. I get them all the time and they last for days, sometimes hospitalizing me. But my family has been there for me through it all. I have 3 amazing brothers who would do anything to help me. My parents support every decision I make and help me with babysitting if I need to go for tests, or they take me to my appointments since I am not allowed to drive. I take my college courses online through Western International University and in November from the University of Phoenix. Since it was the best route for me.

          4 years ago I met the most incredible man. He loves me and my son to death and has been a lot of my motivation. If it weren’t for him kicking me in the butt I would still be sitting here feeling sorry for myself because of the assualt and feeling like all my independence was lost. But on Christmas of 2004 he asked me to marry him, and in July of 2005 we got married.

          Looking back 7 years ago when I made the decision to keep my son, who I love more than anything in the world, I never thought I would have such a great life! The feeling that I have seen through many of the girls on here has been mutual. I have been there, I felt that way too. BUT nothing is beyond your reach, GOD would not make an obstacle you cannot overcome. Life goes on after children no matter what age you are and the dreams you think you have lost are not the far gone, in fact they aren’t gone at all. If you believe in yourself and remember that what life throws at us may be hard and confusing but it only makes us stronger. Everything happens for a reason and although the reasons they happen aren’t obvious at first, believe me you will find the answers soon enough!


            Yea a lot of girls need to read this! ESPECIALLY MY 17 YR OLD PREGNANT SISTER WHO DOESNT CARE ABOUT N*E THING!


              Very true! I was never told that although i was put down at school for not being cool.
              Dont listen to all the negative ppl say about you. Turn around and laugh at them!


                The story by: LoveBBOA is very encouraging. I really hope that I turn out having someone who loves my daughter and myself. It has brought me some hope although it was sort of a sad story. Good luck in all you do.


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