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      Okay, here’s the thing, first of all, can like messing around, as in, my fiance’ playing around and in down there, can that affect your menstral cycle? Cuz’ I was supposed to start my period around like the 21st or 22nd of Feb. but instead started on the 16th, it still lasted the usual of about 5 days. So i’m just wondering if that could have had any affect on my cycle??? Also, I was sick like at the begining of last week and have had basically just like throat and nose stuff, but now i have had some weird stomach pains, for the last 2 or 3 days, and in like the last 3 or 4 days my fiance’ and I have been messing around, and he ejaculated under his boxers but then I was on top of him in a "sexual" sort of way, Also, today he had his penis at the clitoris, after he had ejaculated, I’m just wondering, if any of this can lead to pregnancy, and if the stomach pains have anything to do with it????? Please, someone help me out.

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