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      Hi. I know that many of you are in tougher situations than me, but I have a few questions and if anyone can give some answers or advice it would be great.

      1. My husband has been trying to quit smoking off and on for about 2 and a half years. Since he found out I am pregnant he has been more determined that he doesn’t want to be a dad who smokes. He has tried cold turkey, the patch, wellbutrin (which made him nearly suicidally depressed), switching to herbal cigarettes, and hypnosis but so far no luck. This week he tried again with hypnosis. I got a call in the afternoon. He was at the library and wanted to check out a book but siad thaqt they told him there was a fine from about a year ago and started yealling at me as to why didn’t I pay it. I thought I did write a check but this was over a year ago – I couldn’t remember. He also blamed me because I woke him up to ask him a question and give him a hug before I left for class. He said that I broke the hypnosis. He normally doesn’t yell at me and treat me this way. (He should know better than flippin out on his hormonally impalanced pregnant wife!) I want to support him but it is tough sometimes. The more I nag the more it seems he smokes. I know secondhand smoke isn’t good for me or the baby. Does anyone have any advice?

      2. I am almost 17 weeks pregnant (15 wks post-conception). I still have not gained much if any wieght at all. I read that it is not uncommon to not gain or lose weight in the first trimester, especially if you have as much nausea as I had, but I have had an appetite back for a couple of weeks now and I have been able to keep food down again and I still haven’t gained any weight. My abdomen and breasts have gotten a bit larger but unless I’m naked I’m not really showing at all yet. It’s not that I want to turn into a blimp, but I just want to make sure that everything is OK. Am I being paranoid?

      3. I haven’t thought about this much until recently. Several months ago when I had my period there was a little clear/white sac that came out. I didn’t see anything in it that looked like a fetus or embryo. I wasn’t sure what it was. I thought maybe it was a cyst, but lately I’ve been wondering if it is possible that maybe I had a miscarriage without even knowing that I was pregnant. I was on birth control at the time. If I was pregnant I hope I didn’t cause it to miscarry. I’m not sure how I feel about the situation? Should I feel guilty or sad? I would have loved the child (if it even was a child) but I guess I feel more confused and curious than anything. Could anyone shed any light on what this may have been and if it should concern me now.

      Thanks for your help and advice! – Kate


        Hi, just a quick update. I went to the doctor and she said that it was ok that I haven’t gained much weight yet. Also I got to see my baby on my first ultrasound and it was normal size for the stage of development and seemed to be healthy.

        My husband is still smoking. If anyone has any advice for partners of someone trying to quit it would be great. Maybe I’ll never know exactly what happened a few months ago, but if anyone has had a similar experience or could explain what the heck that was it, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

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