A few problems.

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      So I have a few questions and was wonring if anyone could help.

      First the morning sickness. Does anyone know how to make it not so bad? I have it like morning noon and night. Its horrible mostly at school.

      Second the teachers not wanting to let me leave the class to go to the bathroom. Can I just walk out? Do I have to respect them and stay in class?

      Third relationship problems. Did any of yall fight with your boyfriends more when you were pregnant?

      And last the crying constantly. How do I make it stop? Lol. I cry about EVERYTHING!

      Thanks in advance! 🙂


        The morning sickness i don’t know how to make not so bad..

        First off if they won’t let you leave you may need to get a doctors note and showing them that you have to go when you have to go.. if that doesn’t work walk out the worse that will happen at least at my school is you have to talk to the principal.. again i never had that problem at school

        Yes after the initial shock ended we did fight sometimes

        with the cry i am not sure how to stop that…. i really don’t think you can stop it.


          All of those things are VERY normal during pregnancy, so don’t fret! Just try to take time out to calm yourself down to avoid fighting, but your boyfriend also needs to be understanding of you and vice versa. My teachers did let me out of class, but you may need to talk to the nurse to get a pass or something of the sort to make that official. As for morning sickness, just take days slowly and eat small meals every few hours or something easy on the stomach. Pre-natal vitamins can and will make you queasy! Good luck!


            Thanks. My doctors gave me a note. So I hope everything works out.


              To make the morning sickness not so bad drink some coke and eat some crackers when you wake up. That helped me a lot. I had it all day everyday for the first three months.

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