a cough that brought me sadness.

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      [size=2]1 week ago i got cough and i didnt think that it will turn my whole life end so soon.Last saturday i was diagnosed with a cervical cancer. Now my problem is just two. First i had a boyfriend and i dont know if its better if he knows it or not,but i really dont want him to be sad. Second my family, i cant help to cry everytime i see their faces, they act so strong when i knew that this cancer really kills us all.
      i decided just now to not to tell my boyfriend about this, and break up with him, :'( . we were once so strong, but i think if i beakup with him it will make me die in peace. [/size]


        Cervical cancer is caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is a sexually transmitted disease. You definitely need to tell you boyfriend so that he can be monitored by his doctor and so that he will not have sex with anyone and infect them.

        If caught early HPV is very treatable. The best thing you can do is stop having sex and give your body a break. Rest a lot and baby yourself.


          well hunny i know how that feels. i was diagnosed with MS. it started with me going blind in my left eye. but you arent going to die in a matter of years. there are lots of different treatments to cure it, or put it in remission. the best advice i can give you is to read up on it and know the symptoms of it getting worse, look into the different kind of treatments.medicine these days can be surprising. you should have hope that you caught it early, when you are young. i wish to give you all the hope and peace i have. you’re going to be strong, and have faith. thats the only way to beat something of this nature.


            thank you, i’ll tell him. i thought this cant be cured ,thanks for your help since my mom knew about this and she told me that she’ll be back soon. I’m alone, i’m afraid . thanks hippielove and queenB.

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