A Boyfriend Speaks Out

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      Hi, I’m Jasper. This is my girlfriends profile. About five or so days ago, my girlfriend was walking down the stairs at school, the same time inbetween classrooms her jealous exboyfriend walks the same stairs. He ex was very upset to learn that my Ashley was pregnant with my baby. He was an angry, jelous guy who never was able to fully release his anger after the harsh break up months and months ago. Ashley and I are very in love and Ashley had always been somewhat scared of her ex. As she walking down the stairs, he pushed her. Ashley falling head first in early pregnancy was knocked out and bleeding, always bleeding internally after the fall. I’m not pressed with charges for sticking up for the beautiful true love in my life, I may be stuck with leaving Ashley and my gorgeous un born child. The saved the baby, but barely. Ashley is weak, sick, sore and they are scared for her life. He didn’t get pressed with any charges, but because after hours he was bad mouthing my girl, I stood up for her, he’s off with nothing and i’m the something that is penalized.
      She loves all of you, you are the reason for her strength.
      Love always
      Jasper & Ashh


        This is Kevin. Alicia said “I truely hope all goes well. I dont know what I would do without Ashley. Tell her I miss her and will continue to pray for her. Thanks “

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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