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      Hi my name is Olivia. This is my first time on here. I had some questions.
      I’m only 13 and i just got my first my period 5 months ago. Well i started "seeing" this guy. And both of us had never "done it" before and we wanted to know what it was like, so we did. Only one time. Well that was about 2 months ago. Why haven’ i gotten a period. I know i’m not pregnant, i was just wondering why i haven’t gotten it. Can sex stop you from getting it?
      And don’t try and tell me i’m pregnant because i’m not. I’m too young, my body couldn’t possibly hold somethng like that and i feel fine. Plus we only did it for a couple minutes. Please help.



        You may not want to hear it, and it may be hard to believe, but it is possible to become pregnant and sustain a pregnancy as young as 13 or even younger. I have a cousin who got pregnant at about your age and had a little baby boy. She had only had sex once – it was her first time losing her virginity. Also even if you only had sex for a few minutes and your boyfriend didn’t ejaculate inside you, there is still sperm in pre-ejaculate so pregnancy is possible.

        Being sexually active should not stop or change your period or cycle (with the exception of pregnancy). Before you panic, there is a good chance you might not be pregnant. Since you are so young, and have not been having periods very long your cycle probably is irregular still. Even so, if it has been a couple of months I would reccommend that you take a pregnancy test, because you might be pregnant.



          as a nursing student I felt the need to respond to this….

          As Kit has already mentioned, it is entirely possible that you could be pregnant, there are girls who come into the clinic I work at, your age or even younger, some whom haven’t had even one period yet and yet they had become pregnant. It is very rare, but entirely possible. Not by my choice, I had my first when I was 12, and it was raised by my parents as a younger sibling to this day my son does not know me as anything but a sister, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My son had a proper upbringing and all the love he could ever require.

          All I can say is get checked…. It could just be that your period hasn’t sorted it self out yet and for most girls your age menstral cycles will be very irregular.

          It is better to be safe than sorry, and nice to have time to consider all the options, because there are many options available to you

          A worried Canadian

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