7 weeks!!

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      I ONLY HAVE 7 WEEKS LEFT!! omg it feels like forever. valentines day cant come soon enough!


        [color=#FF0080]Good luck, hope your labor is easy! I only have nine more weeks till I have my baby boy. Update with pictures and news when your baby is born. (:



          hey good luck guys!
          i also have 7 weeks left!but the time just feels like it’s going even slower now that it’s almost time!



            Do either of you remember how big your baby was at thirty one and a half weeks? My baby boy is four pounds and fourteen ounces, and already in the head down position. They are not sure when i’m actually due anymore.


              no but he was twenty nine centimetres at 28 weeks. They did not tell me how much he weighs.
              But apparantly it is not abnormal for your baby to be in the head down position at 31 and a half weeks..but i will ask some other on this site for you if you like?


                at 32 weeks aj was 3lbs so he was small in the 11% so i have a groth scan every week to make sure he is growing ok


                  at 32 weeeks he was 3lbs so he was small just 11% i have a growth scan every week to check up on him. he was already in place at 32 weeks!


                    Happy for you! I also have 7 weeks left =D but you never know I’m a high risk to have my son anytime now but something tells me that hell know when to get out 😉

                    Rina Alba

                      :cheer: wow! I can feel your excitement! how badly i wanted to deliver my baby also.. I know you’re trying to imagine how your baby would look like! Good luck! I’ll pray for your easy labor and delivery! god bless you.

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