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      I cannot believe that i am already 7 months pregnant. My parents already kno and have known. My boyfriend and i are struggling to get on our feet but we r going to make it happen. He’s supportive and i need that. Esp. with the family down my throat about the baby’s name and all. Its stressful. I feel like i dont have a say in naming my own baby. If i dont name him wat they want..then ill be cut off frm the support they are giving me…it makes me sad and i cry cuz i dont like feeling so cornered. Im not able to work now and i wish i could bcuz i hate having to ask them for food or money..So i dnt kno wat to do about that. Aside from that, baby boy is growing and kicking and healthy..thank god. And im happy with my boyfriend. Anyway..im going now. Thanks for reading.


        Im about 8 months and my family isnt exactly supportive. But my bf is, hes so excited he wants to tell the whole world. lol. My mom tried pressuring me into naming the baby after a saint b/c shes rly religious and insisted that I use a saints name. But me and my bf picked one out ourselves. If you’re not happy with the baby’s name then whats the point? its YOUR and your bfs baby! no one elses!! It should be up to you and ur bf only. Your family might be upset over it now but they’ll eventually get over it and who’s more important to please? ur family or your child, yourself, and ur boyfriend? good luck!


          hey…don’t let them push u into naming YOUR baby something u don’t want to…he’s your baby not theirs…..good luck….


            I am getting grief too from people about the naming of my baby, i dont kno what i am having but it seems to center on a boys name. His family think i should be respectful to them and give it a name from their family and my family think the same so iv comprimised as i honetsly like both names using his familys name as its first and my family as its middle name so if its a boy he will be called – Thomas Trevor

            but no one seems all the bothered if its a girl what we call it. we have thought of girls names and theyv had opinions but i spose we will just see what feels right if its a girl.

            so try and do the compromise if u want to make everyone happy but remember it is your baby so first and overall choice is yours!!


              A name is something special. Throughout my whole pregnancy I just knew I wanted to call my son Alexander, which was a bit of a drama since my son’s dad’s dad had just died and his name was Alexander — but it had nothing to do with that, the name just suited my son.
              So I say if you really really want to call your baby something, it’s probably meant to be!

              Young mum 2 be

                one idea is you choose like 3 names and ask them which one they like best and choose that one.


                  Naming is a very stressful time… everyone has a say… What you can do is come to a mutual agreement… i find that worked best for us.. when we had to name our child my mom kept givin me hints on what she wanted and i told her id consider it… my bfs family didnt want any persian names because they are jamaican and it was important for me to have my child with a semi-persian name: like Ava, this went on for months and we faught enough over itwe ended up givin my daughter a first name and two middle names and a last name… i named her Donya for what I wanted… and Noami for what her grandma wanted (bfs side) and since she passed we named her after her grandma also… long name. Its stressful now but you will laugh about it later… plus you can call you child what you want,… they’ll always respond to the name.. share your feelings with your parents: ie. tell them that though you would love to name your child what they want, it is your first baby and it is important for you to make a decision as a family… somethin you can all agree on.. then set some guidelines and ask for their help… dont make them feel left out, like they have to do everything for you and you dont do enough in return, naming is fun so let them help you. You need their support right now,.. more than ever, please dont build two sides and see them working against you, if they were, theyd never be talkin to u or even caring enough to want to help name the baby.. i know you are sensitive and feel that since you are doing all the carrying right now you have the most say, and dont get me wrong, you do…but its still nice for your parents to feel wanted. Imagine when you are having a grandchild, im sure youd make suggestions and would just like to feel appreciated for it so do the same for them. Make best of what you have today instead of wishing things were different hun

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