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      I am 18, and I am 6 weeks pregnant.. The only people that know are my sister my boyfriend of 2 years and my best friend.. they all want me to keep the baby.. but I am leaning towards No. I am a senior and want to finish school and go to college. I feel so alone, and scared I could tell my parents but I am afraid they wont love me anymore what should I do.


        When you say that you don’t want to keep the baby, do you mean abortion or adoption? I strongly advise you not to have an abortion if you’re thinking about it. However, if you are thinking about adoption remember that you are not being selfish and your family will not hate you. Just remember to do what feels right and what you think is best for your son or daughter. You mentioned that the father wants you to have and keep the baby. Talk with him. Maybe he’s interested in becoming a single father. Lots of men are stepping up nowadays and taking responsibilities for their actions. No matter what happens I urge you to continue with the pregnancy; in nine months when you hold your baby for the first time your feelings may completely change!
        Love, Artemis


          Hello, I was kind of in your same boat only difference between me and you is that I am 16 years old and 7 months pregnant with my son! At first I was a little nervous for anyone to find out but I went to the doctor for a routine check up and they discovered I was pregnant. The doctors told my mother and I was so scared I thought she wouldn’t love me anymore neither. So from her being angry at me when I was 6 weeks pregnant she is so excited that this is her first grandson at 28 weeks and 1day. My cousin was also in your boat too and she choosed to abort her baby now she is asking me how does it feel when he kicks you, and do you love him already and what am I going name him and asking me questions and when I answered she had regrets about aborting her UNBORN child. She aborted it because she was like you want to go to college and live her life or whatever and 2 years later she is 20 years old, not in college, in an unhappy relationship with her boyfriend and works in a clothing store! As I am 16 years old I am graduating high school a year a head of my class and I am proceeding to go to college to be a OB Nurse next fall. I have the support of ALL my family members and my partners family and I could not be more excited to have a baby. I am ANTIABORTION so please rather than killing your baby give he or she to a couple that really wants a baby that can’t have one. I hope my story has touched you in a way that you will consider keeping your baby. From what I’ve heard parents love you unconditionally so please tell them and let your baby have a chance at life just like your parents gave you. You never know what your child may become or what they can do you for you later on in life. Take a look at the rapper Nick Cannon. He was supposed to be aborted at 2 months and his mother changed her mind now look her son has all this money and shares with the woman that let him live. Please don’t take this baby’s life!!!!!


            I replied already but I don’t think I asked for it to be posted. But keep your baby because having an abortion will leave you wondering, empty, and maybe depressed.Who knows you might even be jealous. I am 16 and 7 months pregnant I have a cousin who aborted her baby because she had "dreams" and said a baby would ruin everything. But here she is 2 years later…no baby, in an unhealthy realationship with her MAN, not in college, and work in a clothing store.She ask me all the time how does it feel when he kick you, how did you feel when you saw your ultrasound, are you happy, do you ove him. She might say now I can’t wait til I have a son.She could of had that son if she wouldn’t of aborted it. Now most people that knew her lost repect for her because she aborted s precious life that GOD put in her. As far as the parents Don’t even worry about them not loving you because I thought the same thing and my mom loves me even more and we have a bond because we both carried children and she is so excited this is her 1st grandson. So please don’t abort it. "Why kill a life when your parents let you have one?" That is a little something to think about, also consider adoption because people want babies and can’t have them. I hope and pray you make the right choice!!


              MsPeanutxo06 wrote:

              I am 18, and I am 6 weeks pregnant.. The only people that know are my sister my boyfriend of 2 years and my best friend.. they all want me to keep the baby.. but I am leaning towards No. I am a senior and want to finish school and go to college. I feel so alone, and scared I could tell my parents but I am afraid they wont love me anymore what should I do.

              I was 15 when I had an abortion. I was a freshman in high school and that was the main reason I didn’t carry to term. I understand your fear about your parents, and wanting to graduate. However, I also know the flip-side to all of that because of the abortion.

              My advice to you would be to research the facts about abortion, and talk to some girls your age who have been through it. As for myself, I am in college and have two small children. Yes, it is hard to maintain, but the abortion was even harder. I went into a state of severe depression for about 4 years. It affected every aspect of my life, including my relationship with my children. It was very hard for me to bond with them because of the abortion and the feelings I had after it.

              I know that society makes it out to be a "quick fix" but take it from someone who’s been there, it isn’t! Abortion didn’t ‘solve’ my problems, it only created new ones. Please think about it before buying the lies of abortion providers that claim to be "pro woman" but have their own financial agendas. When I went for "counseling" for the abortion, the nurse told me my baby was "a clump of cells." I was 13 weeks pregnant. I saw my youngest son for the first time at 12 weeks gestation. He was no clump of cells! He looked like a tiny baby!!!

              I know you’re afraid of what your parents will think of you being pregnant, but they are probably your best alies right now (assuming they aren’t abusive or coercive). Also, pregnancy centers will counsel you on your options if you absolutely cannot go to your parents. The services are always free and confidential. Care-Net and Birthright have centers all over the country.

              I wish you the best of luck, sweetie.


                I know how you feel. I once had to grapple with the same decision. I knew I disappointed my folks and everyone else when got pregnant. Sure there was abortion and yes, it seemed the easy way out. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it when I started to read about the development of a child and saw a living being. And so, against all odds, i made up my mind to continue the pregnancy. No one helped and I was close to despair. So, I prayed. I am not a prayerful person but at that moment I cried out to my God for help..and He did. I felt as though a shield of light enveloped me and no thought of fear could penentrate..this went on for a long, long time.

                Sure, it was difficult but well worth it. Today I have a lovely son..He is my closest friend and loves me dearly. I couldn"t ask for anyone else. He is now 35 and married. I enjoyed his children as well and his lovely wife.

                You can always continue your studies but you can never recover a lost life..specially that of your child. Please give yourself the chance to know God, who loves you no matter what. Abortion has long time effects..the post abortion syndrome. A woman never forgets that once upon a time, she was
                given a child to mother..

                Will include you in my prayers..
                God bless!



                  Hello! Well I was once pregnant too. I was only 17 and I was 6 weeks and five day pregnant. I did not listen to my heart and I just went ahead and did what everyone told me to do. I had an abortion. I regret it now!! I wish I could have listen to myself and not listen to what everyone thought it was best for me. All I can tell you is to listen to your heart. And if you decide to keep your baby remember that it will be very hard but you can do it. I did not realize that until it was too late. My heart goes out to you sweetie. I am only 18 now and I still regret what I did every minute that passes by.

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